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Course Summary (Syllabus)

REGION AND CULTURE (ASIA AND PACIFIC) (Toru Nomura,Totok Suhardiyanto

    Semester : 2007 Fall
    Code : 32160 / 2 Credits

1. Objectives/Teaching method

    This course aims at providing students with introductory information about Indonesia from various aspects. The course will cover several topics on Indonesian studies ranging historical, social and cultural aspects. It will also cover politico-organizational and natural environmental aspects to some extent. We believe that, when students have completed this course, they will surely be able to acquire useful and necessary knowledge about Indonesia to help them doing business, research and other social activities not only in Indonesia but also in other countries of Southeast Asia.

2. Materials/Reading List

    No textbook will be used. Students will be given handouts in the form of email attached files. They are supposed to download them prior to the lectures and bring them to the class. The handouts are to be sent to each of the students from time to time. Therefore students are required to register their mailing address to Student Assistant at the first lecture.
    You will receive the list of bibliography during the semester.


    #1 1. Introduction to Indonesia(Nomura)
    understanding Indonesia as a nation, basic data about Indonesia etc.

    #2 2. Variety of languages in Indonesian world(Nomura)
    understanding various types of langugages spoken in Indonesia

    #3 3. Development of literary languages and scripts in Indonesia(Nomura)
    understanding literary tradition of Indonesia.

    #4 4. Early Indonesian History 1(Nomura)
    understanding early history

    #5 5. Early Indonesian History 2(Nomura)
    uderstanding medieval history

    #6 6. Early Indonesian History 3(Nomura)
    understanding early modern history

    #7 7. Some aspects of Indonesian culture(Totok)
    understanding characteristics of Indonesian culture.

    #8 8. Some aspects of Indonesian society(Totok)
    understanding characteristics of Indonesia society.

    #9 9. Contemporary art of Indonesia 1(Totok)
    understanding modern art of Indonesia.

    #10 10. Contemporary art of Indonesia 2(Totok)
    understanding modern art of Indonesia.

    #11 11. Some aspects of language in Indonesia(Totok)
    understanding various type of language activities in Indonesia.

    #12 12. Conclusion(Totok, Nomura)
    summary of the previous lectures and recapitulation

    #13 13. Conclusion(Totok, Nomura)

4. Assignments/Examination/Grad Eval.

    The evaluation will be given by both paper examination at the end of the semester and attendance. Those students who do not attend more than 50% of the total lectures will be dropped from evaluation automatically even if he or she will take final examination.

5. Special Note

    Two lecturers take turn to give a series of lectures from various different aspects.
    If you have further questions, please contact us at following e mail address;

6. Prerequisit / Related courses


7. Conditions to take this course


8. Relation with past courses


9. Course URL

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