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Course Summary (Syllabus)


    Semester : 2009 Fall
    Code : 60270 / 2 Credits

1. Objectives/Teaching method

    This course aims at developing entrepreneurial skills in creating new business that solves both economic and social issues. After a series of readings and exercises on the meaning and the methods of entrepreneurs, we try to develop entrepreneurial thinking in students by looking at real life issues that entrepreneurs are encountering.

    This course will be jointly developed with many Asian universities that are connected by SOI-Asia satellite system. While Keio will take the lead, occasional lectures and presentations are made from partner universities in the course.

    Business plan contest is incorporated in the course. Class participants are expected to submit business proposal to the contest.

    This course will be offered in English to accommodate international students.

2. Materials/Reading List

    Readings will be provided on-line.


    #1 Overview
    Introduction of the course.
    What is "Technology Entrepreneurs?" Why is innovation/ entrepreneurship important?

    #2 Entrepreneurship in Action
    Invite winner of 2008 Business Plan Contest that took place in this course last year. Will hear from them as well as explain to the students why they were highly regarded by the referees.

    #3 Primary Business Essentials (1)
    Basics of starting a business. Marketing & finance.

    #4 Primary Business Essentials (2)
    Basics of starting a business. Logistics and Organization.

    #5 Micro Business
    Professor Ohe of Waseda will be our guest speaker to talk about his efforts in developing micro businesses in Asia.

    #6 Learning from a Significant Case
    Discuss on e-Mbile case, which is a successful and prominent venture in Japan in building wireless infrastructure.

    #7 Financing of Venture Companies
    Guest speaker from venture capital company will provide guest speech.

    #8 Hearing from Real Entrepreneurs
    President of e-Mobile, Mr. Eric Gan, will give us a guest lecture.

    #9 Intellectual Property Right
    Intellectual property right management is an important factor in creating technology based ventures. Professor Hatori of Keio's Intellectual Property Center will provide a lecture.

    #10 Successful Asian Entrepreners
    Will hear from a successful entrepreneur either from Malaysia

    #11 Learning from Real Case and Entrepreneur
    Will study a case on rapidly growing on-line game company (GALA) and hear from its president directly.

    #12 Business plan contest
    Presentations from business plan contest

    #13 Wrap up
    Wrap up session

4. Assignments/Examination/Grad Eval.

    Students will be graded by
    (1)submitted short comments
    (2)business plan
    (3)contribution to the class discussion.
    There will be no final exam.

5. Special Note

    This course is offered as an e-learning course for non-SFC students. e-students are expected to submit same assignments as well as viewing archived video of the class.

    Please note that following schedule is tentative and subject to change later.

6. Prerequisit / Related courses


7. Conditions to take this course


8. Relation with past courses


9. Course URL

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