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    2010年度秋学期 火曜日2時限
    科目コード: 65060 / 2単位
    カテゴリ: 6.創造技法科目-社会実践(学部)

1. 主題と目標/授業の手法など


    This course aims at providing basic understandings of entrepreneurship, knowledge about business modeling, and experiencing business plan writing.
    There are three characteristics of this course. First of all, this course emphasizes on technology entrepreneurship rather than an idea oriented or social business entrepreneurship. If you planned business development using your cutting edge technology at university, knowledge of technology entrepreneurship would be essential.
    Secondly, many guest speakers from both business and academic are invited. Guest speeches with full of experiences provide good lesson with your EMERGING BUSINESS.
    Thirdly, experience writing up your original business plan is prepared as a final assignment. It provides you with fluent skill promoting your new technology to business stake holders, i.e. Venture capital, Sales partner, and Employee.
    At the end of this course, you are able to 1) Foster entrepreneurship mind, 2) Understand necessary factors to business plan writing, and 3) Receive know-how adapting new technology to business.

2. 教材・参考文献

    Materials are provided on line.

3. 授業計画

    第1回 Overview/Introductroy
    Introduction of the course and foster entrepreneurship mind.
    Why do you have to consider an entrepreneur as your career?
    What is the advantage of becoming entrepreneurship originated at University ?
    Announcement about assignment.
    Annoucement about Business Model contest at SOI Asia 2010-2011.

    第2回 Case Study [1] University oriented start-up from SOI Asia, Malaysia
    Practical strategy to connect research at university and incorporation.
    Guest speaker, Prof.Sures, University Saint Malaysia [USM].

    第3回 Primary Business Essentials [1]
    Basics of starting the business – vision creation & finance planning
    Importance about Cash flow. You cannot raise your business without knowledge about profit and loss, and you go bankrupt even if profitable.

    第4回 Primary Business Essentials [2]
    Basics of starting the business – vision creation & marketing.
    When you design an emerging business, Business model proposal is an essential tool for you to communicate value of your idea and plan with outside stakeholders, i.e. investor, business partner, and employee. This lecture stresses on Market discription; Market creation, Market volume identification, and Market Penetration, and provide you how important for you to penetrate on custmer.

    第5回 Case Study [2] Business model design at Infrastructure layer
    E-mobile is Japanese mobile broadband infrastructure operator.
    Discuss on E-mobile Case study.

    第6回 Guest Speaker from Japan
    Relation between Infrastructure and Platform.
    Guest Speaker, Mr. Eric Gan, E-mobile CEO.
    E-mobile is Japanese mobile broadband operator.

    第7回 Case Study [3] University oriented start-up from SOI Asia, Thai
    Chulalongkorn University.

    第8回 Intermediate summary
    Summary of lecture1 to 7.
    Announcement about Business Plan Contest.
    Updating the entrepreneurship environment in U.S

    第9回 Case Study [4] Business model design at application layer
    Discuss on GALA Case study.
    GALA is an online community company and enjoys high reputation. GALA provides online games with using unique technology and know-how for activating community. Its successful business is supported by unique management system.
    Guest Speaker, Mr.Kikugawa,GALA CEO

    第10回 Write business plan
    How to persuade VCs? For promoting your idea and developing your business.
    Guest Speaker, Mr.Yurimoto, CEO at Gloval Brain[VC].
    Annoucement about the contest finalists

    第11回 Case Study [5] University oriented start-up from SOI Asia, Japan
    How to protect your technology and create intellectual property(IP) at University?
    How to practically use IP distributed by university.
    Guest Speaker1, Mr.Masanobu Katoh, Professor, Keio Univ.

    第12回 Business Plan Contest Finalist Presentation
    Business Plan contest final round presentation from 3-4 finalist.

    第13回 Wrap up
    Wrap-up of the course.

4. 提出課題・試験・成績評価の方法など

    Submission of your Business Plan.

5. 履修上の注意・その他


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8. 旧科目との関係


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