ワールドエコノミー (白井 さゆり

    2010年度秋学期 木曜日1時限
    科目コード: 60120 / 2単位
    カテゴリ: 3.プログラム科目(大学院)

1. 主題と目標/授業の手法など

    The course will focus on comtemporary Japanese economic history and
    recent glolbal macroeconomic issues.

    The first topic covers the Japanese economic development and related policy responses in the post-war period.

    The secnd topic includes (1) macroeconomic imbalances in the world (as seen in US, Japan, China, resource-rich countries) and their changes after the global economic crisis, (2) comparision of economic crises between European and Asian developing countries, and (3)cross-border capital flows.

2. 教材・参考文献

    I will use power point files for my presentation.
    References will be given when necessary.

3. 授業計画

    第1回 Introduction

    第2回 Overview of Japanese post-war economic construction period: 1940s-1950s

    第3回 (continue) 1970s

    第4回 (continue) 1970s and 1980s

    第5回 1990s until today

    第6回 continue

    第7回 students' presentation

    第8回 East Asian crisis of 1997-98 and regional economic initiatives

    第9回 continue

    第10回 Continue
    Asian Bond Market Initiatives, Asian Bond Fund Initiative

    第11回 Recent European Crises and Comparision with the East Asian Crisis

    第12回 Continued

    第13回 Final Examination (Jaunaury 13)

4. 提出課題・試験・成績評価の方法など

    I will evaluate students based on (1) final examination on January 13, 2011(60%), (2)presentation by students’ groups (40%).

5. 履修上の注意・その他

    Students are expected to have some basic knowledge of macroeconomics. For those who are not sure about the background of economics, please contact me in advance

6. 前提科目


7. 履修条件

    Understanding of Basic Macroeconomics is desisable for this course. If students wish to take this course without any knowledge of Introductory Macroeconomics, self-reading of any standard textbook prior to the course registration is recommended

8. 旧科目との関係


9. 授業URL

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