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Course Summary (Syllabus)


    Semester : 2014 Fall
    Code : 60060/2 Credits

1. Objectives/Teaching method

    This is an unusual experience, offering the rare chance to engage with Korean and Chinese students directly on foreign and economic issues of common concern in the Asia region.

    The first half of the term will involve rotating lectures by professors from three universities.

    The second half of the term will involve a series of lectures for Keio students only focusing on frameworks for economic and security cooperation in Asia, including the US-Japan alliance.

    Keio students will visit Yonsei University in November and welcome students from Fudan and Yonsei Universities to our campus in December.

2. Materials/Reading List

    We will principally use two textbooks, which are available as e-books from Amazon:
    "Strategic Asia 2011-12: Asia's Response to its Rising Powers," National Bureau of Asian Research
    "Strategic Asia 2010-2011: Asia's Rising Power and America's Continued Purpose," National Bureau of Asian Research

    Student are also recommended to subscribe to the New York Time so they can access current and archived reading materials that will be assigned periodically in class.


    #1 ԸThe Geopolitics of Asia 2000-2025
    Strategic Asia 2010-2011 "The Geopolitics of Strategic Asia" by Aaron

    #2 ԸKeio Lecture: The International Order and the Rise of Asia
    Strategic Asia 2011-2012 "International Order and the
    Rise of Asia: History and Theory" by Kenneth Pyle

    #3 ԸJoint Lecture (Keio) A Global Commons in Asia?
    Strategic Asia 2010-2011 "Asia's Security and the Contested Global
    Commons" by Abraham Denmark

    #4 ԸJoint Lecture (Fudan)East Asian Regionalism and the EUA Comparative Analysis


    #6 ԸJoint Lecture (Keio) The Problem of Military Modernization in Asia
    Strategic Asia 2010-2011 "Military Modernization in the Asia Pacific:
    Assessing New Capabilities" by Richard Bitzinger

    #7 Visit to Yonsei University (November 7-9)

    #8 ԸAsia -- Europe Relations: The ASEM Process (Fudan)

    #9 ԸASEAN: Caught Between China
    Strategic Asia 2011-2012, "The Rise of China and India: Challenging
    or Reinforcing SE Asia Autonomy" by Carlyle Thayer

    #10 ԸStudent Presentations

    #11 ԸVisit to Fudan University (December 12-14)

    #12 ԸDemocracy in Asia: Problems and Prospects
    Strategic Asia 2010-2011, "Political Economic and Radical Islamic
    Challenges to Democracy in Asia" by Sumit Ganguly and Manjeet Pradesi

    #13 The Next 50 Years: The Future of the US-Japan Alliance

    #14 Course Review and Prep for Midterm Examination

4. Assignments/Examination/Grad Eval.

    There will a "take home" final examination, which is 50 percent of the grade. Students will be evaluated based on their grasp of the contents of the lectures and their personal perspective and analysis of the issues discussed. Examinations may be prepared in either Japanese or English. The other 50 percent will come from the instructor's evaluation of student participation in the class, including attendance. The ability to engage Korean and Chinese students effectively in class discussions and during weekend discussion sessions will be a key part of this evaluation.

5. Special Note

    I am looking for students that are confident at expressing their thoughts and opinion in English in an international setting as representative both of the university and Japanese students generally. We are just beginning to unlock the power of the Internet in providing a framework for distance learning and breaking down the barriers between countries in the Asia region. Students need to be committed to making this experiment work.

6. Prerequisit / Related courses

    Background and interest in foreign and economic policy is desirable, but not required.

7. Conditions to take this course


8. Relation with past courses


9. Course URL

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