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Course Summary (Syllabus)

ICT POLICY AND TECHNOLOGY (Jun Murai,Catharina Maracke

    Semester : 2014 Spring
    Code : C2081 / 2 Credits

1. Objectives/Teaching method

    本授業では、現代社会のさまざまな課題についてIT技術政策とその他の政策(通信、放送、コンテンツ、セキュリティ、プライバシーなど)の観点から、課題の認識を行い、グローバルな環境を視野に入れた解決の方策についての説明と議論を行う。 扱うテーマは日本が現在抱える課題としさらに国際的に日本が世界に対して先駆者として手本を示せる分野を想定する。授業においては実際に問題解決に向けたアプローチを行っている人間とのディスカッションを通し、現実社会における問題発見・解決に対する考え方や、グローバルコンセンサス形成のための知識獲得を目指す。なお、授業は英語で行われる。

    In this lecture, we will focus on "Technology advancement and policy: Japan and Global environment". At first, we will select several areas that the IT technology would help improving, and then discuss the approach in Japan, global directions, and how Japan could show the role model. We will also discuss other activities that Japan usually doesn’t pay attention.
    The expected discussion areas are: 1) communication, 2) broadcasting, 3) content, and 4) security policy. We will discuss how IT technology can support those areas to improve our society. Usually those sectors have strict regulations, and they have established process to protect users in many countries including Japan. But sometimes those mechanisms don’t protect the users but old ecosystem. Applying IT technology into the sectors may cause a conflict and it makes change slower. By finding a way to solve the situation in those areas, Japan can show a role model to the world. Taking account the above issues, lecturers will lead discussions on how Japan can contribute to the rest of the world including Asia, Africa, and others. By taking this class, students are expected to understand the position of Japan in the global IT environment and skills to make a constructive proposal internationally. We also expect that the next generation leader will appear to create the future society.

2. Materials/Reading List


    No specific textbook will be used. Reference information or other material will be provided if needed.


    #1 Introduction
    scope, overview, role of public and private sector Q&

    #2 Big data

    #3 Privacy
    why privacy and what is privacy

    #4 ICT and international policies

    #5 New Business by Big Data

    #6 Internet Governance

    #7 Internet Governance

    #8 Creative Commons

    #9 Opendata

    #10 Internet governance

    #11 Internet operations
    internet policy

    #12 Future society
    cyber security

    #13 Wrap up

4. Assignments/Examination/Grad Eval.


    Grading will be based on homeworks and class participation.

5. Special Note


6. Prerequisit / Related courses


7. Conditions to take this course


8. Relation with past courses


9. Course URL

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