地域戦略研究(東アジア) (中山 俊宏

    2016年度秋学期 火曜日1時限
    科目コード: 60060 / 2単位
    カテゴリ: 3.プログラム科目(大学院)

1. 主題と目標/授業の手法など

    This is a rare chance, offering the valuable experience to engage with Korean and Chinese students directly on foreign and security issues of common concern in the Asia region.

    The part of the lecture will involve rotating lectures by professors from three universities. Rest of the course will involve a series of lectures for Keio students only focusing on America's role in East Asia and the role of US-Japan alliance.

    Keio students will visit either Yonsei University or Fudan University and welcome students from both Universities to our campus.

2. 教材・参考文献

    To be announced in the first week

3. 授業計画

    第1回 Orientations

    第2回 American Presence in the Asia-Pacific: Historical Background

    第3回 American Presence in the Asia-Pacific: Contemporary Issues

    第4回 Online Rotating Lecture

    第5回 Online Rotating Lecture

    第6回 Online Rotating Lecture

    第7回 Online Rotating Lecture

    第8回 Online Rotating Lecture

    第9回 Online Rotating Lecture

    第10回 Assessing the "Rebalance"

    第11回 What's Next?: Post-Obama Era

    第12回 Students' Presentation 1

    第13回 Students' Presentation 2

    第14回 Students' Presentation 3

4. 提出課題・試験・成績評価の方法など

    Class participation including distance learning (30%); participation in the joint research group with Yonsei and Fudan students (30%); final report (40%)

5. 履修上の注意・その他

    Students who wish to enroll need good command of English language. Decent level of communication, reading and writing skills are required.

6. 前提科目


7. 履修条件


8. 旧科目との関係


9. 授業URL

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