アジアワークショップ (ヴ レ タオ チ梅垣 理郎大川 恵子

    2017年度秋学期 火曜日3時限
    科目コード: C1100 / 2単位
    カテゴリ: 26.特設科目(学部)

1. 主題と目標/授業の手法など

    Disruptions, brought about by natural disasters like Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic activities or Pandemic or socio-political changes, have put many groups of people throughout Asia under stress for not being prepared to cope with the changes. How they live under the changes forced upon them and how they change to adapt themselves to the new situations are the key questions that the workshop is going to bring up for discussions during the semester.

    The workshop is to provide a framework of “life in transition” in order to examine how these disruptions take place and how local people live through the changes causes by the disruptions.
    Case studies provided by guest speakers will cover a wide range of issues including those in Japan and other countries in Asia. For examples, Laos in transitional Economy; Ho Chi minh- development and turmoil; Living with Volcanic Risks in Japan; Living with Earthquakes; Aging Society in China; Pandemic in Vietnam; Living with Information exposed.

    Local initiatives are also going to be discussed to see where and how these communities should be assisted to live to the fullest while transitioning to the other “better” side of the “shore”.

2. 教材・参考文献

    We will provide online the basic readings, to be announced later. We do encourage the students to familialize themselves with the use of JSTOR (a massive online library of journal essays from more than 500 English academic journals over the past 70 years.)

3. 授業計画

    第1回 Introduction: Changes and Disruptions
    general introduction of the underlying theme for the workshop.
    Also an overall view of how the twin-campus workshop works

    第2回 Introduction to a Research on Life in Transition
    Reach in Practice and the necessary skills and "thinking"

    第3回 How the Cyberspace look like?
    Asia presents itself in a cyber world

    第4回 Asia through Changes -2: Gender issues

    第5回 Case studies in Asia and Japan 1

    第6回 The Urban Edge as Home: Difficulties and Opportunities

    第7回 How to measure and reduce stress?
    Dice is a design engineer who has been working on detecting the stress of members in group discussion by using sensing device and present the level of those stress in "leaf" representation to share with other members. We'll discuss how we can deal with stress.

    第8回 Case studies in Asia and Japan 4

    第9回 Press and Media in Vietnam

    第10回 Worldwide Trend of Natural Disasters

    第11回 ODA Consultance

    第12回 Laos at the Crossroad

    第13回 Poster sessions 1
    Visual and verbal presentations of students' mini-research projects

    第14回 Poster sessions 2
    Visual and verbal presentations of students' mini-research projects

4. 提出課題・試験・成績評価の方法など

    The Course is open to both Undergrads and graduate students from SFC and Hiyoshi Campuses.
    The course is conducted in English. Performance of the students are based on students’ attendance, participation and final assignments.
    Final Assignments: Poster Presentation and Take home assignment

5. 履修上の注意・その他

    Though conducted in English, the instructors of the workshop are willing to assist the students who may have the language difficulties keeping up with the workshop.

6. 前提科目


7. 履修条件


8. 旧科目との関係


9. 授業URL

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