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Course Summary (Syllabus)

ASIA WORKSHOP (Vu Le Thao Chi,Keiko Okawa

    Semester : 2018 Fall
    Code : C1100 / 2 Credits

1. Objectives/Teaching method

    The workshop is to provide a framework of “life in transition” in order to examine how these changes take place and how local people live through the changes. Case studies provided by guest speakers will cover a wide range of issues including those in Japan and other countries in Asia.

2. Materials/Reading List

    We will provide online the basic readings, to be announced later. We do encourage the students to familialize themselves with the use of JSTOR (a massive online library of journal essays from more than 500 English academic journals over the past 70 years.)


    #1 Introduction: Aging Society and Asia
    General introduction of the underlying theme for the workshop. Also
    an overall view of how the twin-campus workshop works

    #2 Introduction to Asia

    #3 How to do research

    #4 Aging Society- Conceptual Issues
    Asia presents itself in a cyber world

    #5 Families in Aging Society

    #6 Aging Society in China

    #7 Aging Society through the life of an individual

    #8 Healthcare for the Elderly: a case in Japan

    #9 "Visualization" of Aging Society

    #10 Aging Society: Remembering and Experiencing

    #11 Aging Society and Disaster Management

    #12 Wrap-up

    #13 Poster sessions 1
    Visual and verbal presentations of students' mini-research projects

    #14 Poster sessions 2
    Visual and verbal presentations of students' mini-research projects

4. Assignments/Examination/Grad Eval.

    The Course is open to both undergraduate students from SFC and Hiyoshi Campuses. The course is conducted in English. Performance of the students are based on students’ attendance, participation and final assignments. Final Assignments: Poster Presentation and Take home assignment

5. Special Note

    Though conducted in English, the instructors of the workshop are willing to assist the students who may have the language difficulties keeping up with the workshop.

6. Prerequisit / Related courses


7. Conditions to take this course


8. Relation with past courses


9. Course URL

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