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Course Summary (Syllabus)


    Semester : 2019 Spring
    Code : C2056 / 2 Credits

1. Objectives/Teaching method

    This course approaches the meaning of words as something flexible and creative, with focus on figurative language, especially the use of metaphors. We shall learn basic concepts and methods via lectures and readings, and then turn to the analysis of actual data. There will be group work and students' presentations. Each student is expected to come up with his/her own research topic toward the end of the semester. Some examples: changes in meaning historically / geographically; the effect of metaphors in literary texts; the function of metaphors in the language of mass media and politics; the real-time processing of metaphors in our head.

2. Materials/Reading List

    To be announced in class.


    IntroductionThe cognitive approach to meaning (i)The cognitive approach to meaning (ii)Conceptual theory of metaphor (i)Conceptual theory of metaphor (ii)Conceptual theory of metaphor (iii)Other figures of speech (i)Other figures of speech (ii)Blending and emergent meaningThe discourse of media and critical thinkingMini-presentations (i)Mini-presentations (ii)Mini-presentations (iii)Wrap-up

4. Assignments/Examination/Grad Eval.

    Grading will be based on class performance (including presentations and quizzes) and final essay.

5. Special Note


6. Prerequisit / Related courses


7. Conditions to take this course

    Students are expected to use English for academic purposes.

8. Relation with past courses


9. Course URL

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