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TitleWORLD ECONOMY [ Syllabus ]

The main objective of this course is to help you gain a better understanding of a number of critical questions about (1) the socio-economic issues faced by Japn in comparison with the world, and (2) the nature of economic crisis in developing countries and emerging market economics, policy prescpriotions and relevant issues intensively discussed in the internationa community (i.e. IMF policies, Asian regiona linitiatives, external debt management, MDGs, ODA policies ,etc). The course will be given based on the framework of macroeconomics.

Faculty Sayuri Shirai
Term2007 Fall
Level Graduate

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Lecture Video & Materials
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#012007/04/14 【4/12分補講】Introduction
- 講義資料(PDF)

#022007/04/19 Period1. From 1945 to 1972 - Post - War Reconstruction and High Economic Growth -
- 講義資料(PDF)

#032007/04/26 Part 1(History): The Turburent Periods of 1970s and 1980s
- 講義資料(PDF)

#042007/05/10 Part 1(History): Lost Decade: 1991-2001
- 講義資料(PDF)

#052007/05/17 Part 1(History): Economic Recovery since 2002 and Agenda
- 講義資料(PDF)

#062007/05/24 Part II (Conemporay Issue): Economic Growth
- 講義資料(PDF)

#072007/05/31 【はしか(麻疹)のため休講】

#082007/06/07 Part II (Conemporay Issue): Globalization and International Capital
- 講義資料(PDF)

#092007/06/14 Part II (Conemporay Issue): Globalization and Economic Integration
- 講義資料(PDF)

#102007/06/21 Part II (Conemporay Issue): International Competitiveness
- 講義資料(PDF)

#112007/06/28 Part II (Conemporay Issue): Fiscal Conditions
- 講義資料(PDF)

#122007/07/05 Students Presentation of Final Reports

#132007/07/12 Students Presentation of Final Reports

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