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Discuss and learn why Innovation, and what globalization means, and how to create, find, and develop solutions to problems in the increasingly global world we live in.
With the rapidly changing world order, various challenges are quite clear. However, various problem requires multistakeholders participation and action at each national levels, as well as in regional and global negotiation processes - principles of an interconnected world.
Innovation can be defined as the 'Creation of New Social Values'. Thus, innovation could come from technological invention and its applications, reform in social systems (regulation, etc), entrepreneurs (individuals with full of entrepreneurship, innovators, or 'Change Makers'). These individuals can make dramatic changes over time and in the interconnected world, even a small number of individuals using the latest Internet based technology can impact with faster and wider than previously possible.
In this course, you can be a player, partner and participant of Innovation in Globalization.

Faculty Kiyoshi Kurokawa
Term2010 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012010/09/29 Dr. Kurokawa opening talks

#022010/10/06 Entrepreneurship, Venture & Innovation
- Lecture Material (pdf)

#032010/10/13 Guest Speakers (Mr. Kazuhiko Toyama)
- Lecture Material (pdf)

#042010/10/20 Guest Speakers (Mr. Kohei Nishiyama)

#052010/10/27 Guest Speakers (Dr. Mario Tokoro)
- Lecture Material (pdf)

#062010/11/10 Guest Speakers (Mr. Ryoji Noritake)

#072010/11/17 Guest Speakers (Ms. Naoko Tajima, Ms. Maria Yogo)
- Lecture Material (pdf)

#082010/12/01 Guest Speakers (Ms. Fujiyo Ishiguro)
- Lecture Material (pdf)

#092010/12/08 Guest Speakers (Mr. John V. Roos) 【非公開】

#102010/12/15 Guest Speakers (Mr. Akira Tsuchiya) 【塾内限定公開】
- Lecture Material (pdf) [Enrolled Students Only]

#112010/12/22 Guest Speakers (Mr. Daisuke Kotegawa)
- Lecture Material (pdf)

#122011/01/12 Student presentations, discussion, debate Week

#132011/01/19 Dr. Kurokawa closing

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