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総合政策学の創造 (GIGA)

お知らせ Due to caucus, class on 12/18 will be in Ω12

科目名総合政策学の創造 (GIGA) [ シラバス ]


担当者 國領 二郎井口 知栄村林 裕
授業期間2012年秋学期 火曜日1時限
授業レベル 学部
参考文献 参考文献リスト

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第01回2012/09/25 Introduction
- Lecture Material - Iba (PDF)
- Workshop Sheet - Iba (PDF)
Explain how SFC is aiming at solving today's global issues by 
integrating various knowledge to develop creative solutions.  
be giving some important messages on intellectual property 
and drug-abuse.

第02回2012/10/02 Learning Patterns
- Lecture Material - Iba (PDF)
Prof. Takashi Iba
An introduction and exercise on the knowledge creation skills.

第03回2012/10/09 Network Economy and Society :Key Concepts
- lecture note
Prof. Jiro Kokuryo
Introduction to the concepts of policy management.  Understand 
of the underlying assumptions about "policy" in a networked 

第04回2012/10/16 Management
- Lecture material 【履修者限定】
Prof. Chie Iguchi
Introduction of roles of companies' strategies to gain 
competitiveness in a society and how each actor across borders 
(companies, government, individuals and so on) interacts each 

第05回2012/10/23 Policy Execution
Prof. Heizo Takenaka 
Former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Will be asking an academic who had first hand experience in 
formation and execution.

第06回2012/10/30 Community and Sport
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Prof. Yutaka Murabayashi
Sport is a powerful social tool that not only promotes health, 
also binds communities together.

第07回2012/11/06 Aging Society and Health
- Lecture Material 【履修者限定】
Prof. Miki Akiyama
On issues relating to health communication and information 
under growing pressures of aging society.

第08回2012/11/13 Diversity of Languages
- 講義資料(PPT) 【履修者限定】
Prof. Isao Yanagimachi
What language to be decided.

第09回2012/11/27 【履修者限定】Practice: Digital Fabrication

第10回2012/12/04 Global Governance
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Prof. Jim Foster
Global governance in a networked world.

第11回2012/12/11 Caucus Town meeting
- Presentation Material (PDF)
Deliberation of policies from the caucus teams and feedback.

第12回2012/12/18 Caucus
- Presentation material_team okuno (PDF)
- Presentation material_team hamano (PDF)
- Presentation material-team kitai (URL)
Caucus election day!  Deliberations of policies and voting.  
Will be 
a joint class with Faculty of Environment and Information 

第13回2012/12/25 Research on Municipal Government ICT in 3.11 Crisis
- Research Publication No. 2012-14 (PDF)
- Lecture Material (PDF)

第14回2013/01/08 Wrap Up
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Wrap-up Session. An opportunity to raise questions and hold 

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