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NEWS Due to caucus, class on 12/18 will be in Ω12


An introductory course for "Policy Management", which is a core concept of SFC. SFC aims at integrating various perspectives to identify issues and employ interdisciplinary approaches in understanding and providing solutions for them. It also embraces scholars' active involvement in solving issues, rather than staying at a distance as objective watchers.
This course demonstrates to the incoming students, how SFC community actually implement Policy Management approaches in solving the world's isses. We will be inviting many faculty members as well as outside guest to show how they are approaching issues.
In addition to class learning, we will be organizing some activities for all students, so that you will be able to experience issue identification, analysis, solution design, and consensus building.

Faculty Jiro Kokuryo,Chie Iguchi,Yutaka Murabayashi
Term2012 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012012/09/25 Introduction
- Lecture Material - Iba (PDF)
- Workshop Sheet - Iba (PDF)
Explain how SFC is aiming at solving today's global issues by 
integrating various knowledge to develop creative solutions.  
be giving some important messages on intellectual property 
and drug-abuse.

#022012/10/02 Learning Patterns
- Lecture Material - Iba (PDF)
Prof. Takashi Iba
An introduction and exercise on the knowledge creation skills.

#032012/10/09 Network Economy and Society :Key Concepts
- lecture note
Prof. Jiro Kokuryo
Introduction to the concepts of policy management.  Understand 
of the underlying assumptions about "policy" in a networked 

#042012/10/16 Management
- Lecture material [Enrolled Students Only]
Prof. Chie Iguchi
Introduction of roles of companies' strategies to gain 
competitiveness in a society and how each actor across borders 
(companies, government, individuals and so on) interacts each 

#052012/10/23 Policy Execution
Prof. Heizo Takenaka 
Former Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications.
Will be asking an academic who had first hand experience in 
formation and execution.

#062012/10/30 Community and Sport
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Prof. Yutaka Murabayashi
Sport is a powerful social tool that not only promotes health, 
also binds communities together.

#072012/11/06 Aging Society and Health
- Lecture Material [Enrolled Students Only]
Prof. Miki Akiyama
On issues relating to health communication and information 
under growing pressures of aging society.

#082012/11/13 Diversity of Languages
- 講義資料(PPT) [Enrolled Students Only]
Prof. Isao Yanagimachi
What language to be decided.

#092012/11/27 【履修者限定】Practice: Digital Fabrication

#102012/12/04 Global Governance
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Prof. Jim Foster
Global governance in a networked world.

#112012/12/11 Caucus Town meeting
- Presentation Material (PDF)
Deliberation of policies from the caucus teams and feedback.

#122012/12/18 Caucus
- Presentation material_team okuno (PDF)
- Presentation material_team hamano (PDF)
- Presentation material-team kitai (URL)
Caucus election day!  Deliberations of policies and voting.  
Will be 
a joint class with Faculty of Environment and Information 

#132012/12/25 Research on Municipal Government ICT in 3.11 Crisis
- Research Publication No. 2012-14 (PDF)
- Lecture Material (PDF)

#142013/01/08 Wrap Up
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Wrap-up Session. An opportunity to raise questions and hold 

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