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TitleURBAN REDESIGN (GIGA) [ Syllabus ]

Urban Re-design
How can plans be made to renew the urban environment when the city itself changes day by day or all at once? This question is asked in view of the physical spaces of the city, but also looks to the complex effects of social and cultural trends, and investigates ideal future visions of urban environments. This class examines how urban re-design can be used as a tool for the development of urban settings, and considers the role that urban re-development projects can play in improving quality of life in the city. Research topics are concerning Tohoku, Africa, and other areas which suffered negative effects by several reasons.

Faculty Hiroto Kobayashi
Term2012 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012012/04/10 「イントロダクション Introduction 」
- Lecture material
Guidance for the class, Lecture on urban renewal and redevelopment
テーマ:都市の直面する問題とは。Theme: Current urban problems
Urban Designの起源と位置づけ 
→アメリカにおけるUrban Designのスタート,意義,定義,位置づけ
Origin of 'Urban Design' and its positioning → Beginning of Urban 
Design in USA, purpose, definition, positioning, 

#022012/04/17 「都市の活力と魅力、そして脆弱さ Power and attractiveness of city, and its weakness」
- Lecture Material (PDF)
テーマ:街の魅力と活力、脆弱さ  Theme:Power and attractiveness of 
都市における「通り」の意味 → 通りの賑わいと人のアクティビティ,商業
Meaning of street in city → liveliness of street and human 
activity, commercial activity, theatricality 
ゲニウス ロキ → 土地の性質を生かした街づくりの在り方
Genius Loci → local characteristics and Machizukuri

#032012/04/24 「都市空間と生活:「町」のもつ力 Urban life: Powre of ’Cho’」
- Lecture Material(PDF)
テーマ:「通り」と「町」 Theme:Street and 'Cho'
→「まち」と「みち」→'Machi' and 'Michi'
→日本における通りとコミュニティの関係 →Relationship between street 
and community in Japan
→Purpose of street in urban history, meaning of 'Cho', Urban form 
which defines community
→Low city open to street, High city close to street

#042012/05/12 「テロと都市 事例研究1」: Terrorism and city Case Study 1: Ground Zero Redevelopment【補講:5/8休講分】
- Lecture Material(PDF)
- Presentation Material(PDF)
Theme:National and City's dignity, Meaning of urban design, Symbolism
人,文化,経済を突き動かす都市デザインの力  Urban design power which 
drives people, culture, and economy
Case study of New York World Trade Center attack and its 
redevelopment project
→process to redevelopment
→ condition of requirement in its plan

#052012/05/15 「震災復興1事例研究2 Resilient, Responsive Re-design of Place ,Case Study2」
- Presentation material (PDF)
- Lecture Material (PDF)
ボトムアップによる町づくり Bottom-up urban recovery
南三陸銭湯建築計画  Minami-sanriku Public Bath project
同コミュニティパヴィリオン計画  Community Pavilion project

#062012/05/22 「震災復興2 事例研究3 After Great East Japan Earthquake Way to Re-Create Resilient and Lively Home Towns Case Study 3」
- Lecture Material(PDF)
- Presentation Material(PDF)
ボトムアップによる町づくり Bottom-up urban recovery
テーマ:地方が地方を支援する  Theme:Mutual support between rural 
Migration from devastated area to rural village to fulfill both needs

#072012/05/29 「アーキコモンズ 木賃再生 事例研究4 STOCK-TYPE SOCIETY and MOKU-MITSU AREA Case Study4」
- Lecture Material(PDF)
- Presentation Material(PDF)
講師:連勇太朗 慶応大学助教  Lecturer, Yutaro Muraji, Research 
associate of Keio SFC
テーマ:「アーキコモンズ」による木造賃貸住宅再生計画  Theme: 'Archi-
commons' wooden lodging house renovation project
都市既存リソースの再生利用と都市設計  Reuse of urban resource, urban 

#082012/06/05 [Resiliency - Three Stories (A first try)」
- Lecture Material(PDF)
- Presentation Material(PDF)
レジリアントな都市とは What's resilient city?
東北における総合的な都市問題の把握 Holistic way of comprehending 
Tohoku problems

#092012/06/12 「不動産と防災 事例研究6:森ビルのケース Urban Disaster Prevention and Real Estate case of Mori Building Co. Case Study 6」
- Presentation Material(PDF)
- Lecture Material (PDF)
講師:赤堀泰郎 森ビル  Lecturer, Yasuro Akahori, Mori Building
テーマ:都市防災と不動産  Theme:Urban disaster prevention and real 
estate business
不動産価値と防災性能  value of realty and disaster prevention quality

#102012/06/19 【履修者限定】「貧困の都市学1事例研究7 Urban poverty 1 Case Study7」
- Lecture Material (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Presentation material (PDF)
講師:岡崎留美 CNRS研究員  Lecturer, Rumi Okazaki, Research 
Associate of CNR, Paris
テーマ:貧困と都市  Theme:poverty and city
Absolute poverty and relative poverty, Image of poverty and 

#112012/06/23 【履修者限定】「貧困の都市学2 事例研究8 Urban poverty 2 Case Study8」【補講:7/3休講分】
- Lecture Material (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
講師:岡崎留美 CNRS研究員  Lecturer, Rumi Okazaki, Research 
Associate of CNR, Paris
テーマ:虐げられた者と都市  Theme:Oppressed people and city
売春と都市 Prostitution and city
難民と被災者問題  Refugees and problem of disaster victim

#122012/06/26 【履修者限定】「貧困の都市学3 事例研究9 Urban poverty 3 Case Study9」
- Lecture Material(PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
- Presentation Material(PDF)
講師:岡崎留美 CNRS研究員  Lecturer, Rumi Okazaki, Research 
Associate of CNR, Paris
テーマ:病める住環境  Theme: Ailing living environment
スラムの発生 Emergence of slum area
ヴァンダリズムと落書社会  Vandalism and graffiti

#132012/07/10 【履修者限定】「震災と都市」事例研究10: 阪神淡路大震災を事例として Earthquake and city, Case Study 10, the Great Kobe Earthquake
- Presentation Material 1(PDF)
- Presentation Material 2(PDF)
講師:ミホ マッゼロー ハーバード大学デザインスクール講師  
Lecturer, Miho Mazereeuw, Harvard Graduate School of Design
テーマ:震災に強いまちづくり、震災と備え  Theme:Machizukuri for 
disaster prevention, Earthquake and preparation
サステイナブルな都市再設計とは  What is sustainable urban design?

#142012/07/17 「未来の都市デザインとは What’s future urban design?」
テーマ:未来の都市デザインの方向性  Theme: Future urban design 

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