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科目名先端研究(社会理論と開発) [ シラバス ]

英語対応の授業となります。アジア開発や開発が置き去った問題、その問題の解決策を演習や講義で勉強して行く。This is a graduate-level course taught in English. The focus of the course is on the theory and practice of fieldwork in developing countries, and the objective is to enable graduate students to do Master's-level fieldwork.
Overview and Background of the Course: To learn to do appropriate fieldwork, analyze it, and incorporate it into a thesis.

担当者 ティースマイヤ, リン
授業期間2013年秋学期 木曜日2時限
授業レベル 大学院
参考文献 参考文献リスト

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第01回2013/09/26 Week 1 Course Introduction: Human Subjects and Human Networks
- Lecture Material (PDF)
- Assignment (PDF)
- Reference Material(PDF)
Erving Goffman, “On Fieldwork”

第02回2013/10/03 Week 2 People and Getting the Right Data out of Oral Interviews
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Charmaz, Kathy. “Grounded Theory”

第03回2013/10/10 Week 3 Surveying Places and Environments
- Lecture Material (PDF)
- Reference Material (PDF) 【履修者限定】
Geertz, Clifford. “Thick Description.”

第04回2013/10/17 Week 4 Ethnographic Methods
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Sanjek, Roger. “On Ethnographic Validity.”

第05回2013/10/24 Week 5 Fieldwork Back Home in Your Own Country
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Razavi, Shahrashoub. “Fieldwork in a Familiar Setting.”

第06回2013/10/31 Week 6 Quantitative Methods: Making and Using Statistics
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Overton and van Diermen, “Using Quantitative Methods”

第07回2013/11/07 【非公開】Week 7 Social Change and Movement
- Economic Mobility surveys
Da Corta, “Fieldwork for Economic Mobility”

第08回2013/11/14 Week 8 Surveying Connections between Public Health and Environment
- Lecture Material (PDF)
McMichael and Martens, “Global Environmental Change and 

第09回2013/11/28 Week 9 Environmental Impact Assessments
- Lecture Material (PDF)
McCully, Silenced Rivers.

第10回2013/12/05 【非公開】Week 10 Methods for Baseline Surveys of Developing Communities and Villages
- Rapid Rural Appraisal
Rapid Rural Appraisal

第11回2013/12/12 【非公開】Week 11, on Dec. 12 Surveying Livelihoods: How to Define Assets, Needs, and Opportunities
- Amartya Sen on Commodities and Capabilities 【履修者限定】
Sen, Amartya. Commodities and Capablities, part I

第12回2013/12/19 【非公開】Week 12, on Sat., Dec. 14 in Omicron 13. Final Presentations by 2 Students (Recorded and Uploaded)
Final Presentations by 2 Students

第13回2013/12/26 【非公開】Week 13, on Thurs., Dec. 19. Final Presentations. NO CLASS ON DEC. 26
Final Presentations by Students. NO CLASS ON DEC. 26

第14回2014/01/09 【非公開】Week 14, On Thurs., 9 January. Final Presentations
Final Presentations by Students

第15回2013/10/05 【非公開】(A Saturday During October -- Completed on October 5) No Upload Materials
We will spend one session exchanging our research designs and 
discussing the meaning of our findings, including surprising or 
unwanted findings!

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