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科目名ベンチャー経営論 [ シラバス ]


担当者 國領 二郎梅嶋 真樹
授業期間2013年秋学期 水曜日2時限
授業レベル 学部
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第01回2013/09/25 Overview and Introduction
- BusinessPlanTemplate
- Lecture Material 01 (PDF)
To be successful entrepreneur, you need to consider some important 
aspects: converting your technology [idea] to business plan, 
organizing management team, and financing business plan. 
But before learning these skills, you need to think about why you 
must be an entrepreneur, in other words, what is the incentive to be 
an entrepreneur. 
Announcement: class assignment and Business plan contest at SOI Asia 

第02回2013/10/02 Learning about business model development
- Lecture Material 02 (PDF)
Learning about business model development
We learn about the basics of starting the business: vision creation, 
shaping management team, finance planning, and business modeling. 

第03回2013/10/09 Learning about how to create new business, based on university researches-1-
- Lecture Material 03 (PDF)
We learn about the strategy to connect university research and 
Are there strategic points whereby research outcome can be 
incorporated? Thus, we will invite a university startup with 
successful experience to our lecture and discuss about a timeline 
from idea generation to commercialization.
Dr. Sures is the faculty of University of Science of Malaysia [USM] 
and a founder of Mlabs, listed on Mesdaq Market. In 1992, he kicked 
off the research of multipoint-to-multipoint video conference and 
has successfully commercialized his invented technology. And his 
company has gone IPO in 2005. 
Guest speaker, Prof.Sureswaran Ramadass, University Saint Malaysia, 
and founder of Mlabs

第04回2013/10/16 【台風のため休講】

第05回2013/10/23 Learning about the supportive environment for university startup
- Lecture Material Week 5(PDF) 【履修者限定】
- Business Plan Template (updated)
In response to the social demand, university has undertaken the new 
task to create university startup. That is business and industry 
development, which originates from university research. Thus, 
university has the ability to provide many supports to researchers 
and students through technological patenting, business incubation, 
and so on. Knowing this environment, it will be important for 
university startup to manage technology [idea] in process of 

第06回2013/10/30 Discuss about how to launch a startup from student activity
- Lecture Material Week 6(PDF) 【履修者限定】
Making a good corporate vision is essential to be a successful 
entrepreneur. Thus, it enables to team up strong management team and 
bring management assets to your business, motivating external stake 
holders, e.g. customers and investors. We will invite a guest 
speaker to discuss about appropriate action plan and needed mindset.

第07回2013/11/06 Learning how to develop infrastructure business by a small company
- Lecture Material Week 7(PDF) 【履修者限定】
Infrastructure service, e.g. electricity and telecommunication, is 
state owned in many countries. However, privatization has started, 
motivate by deregulation. We invite a guest speaker and discuss 
about know-how to enter that market.
E-mobile is Japanese mobile broadband infrastructure operator. Since 
joining the competitive market occupied by big companies, E mobile 
has grown and established its position. We will invite the CEO to 
discuss about his unique experience.
Guest Speaker, Mr. Eric Gan, Representative Director, President, 
eAccess Ltd.

第08回2013/11/13 Learning how to build up strong vision as a startup
- Lecture Material 08
This is an opportunity for students to make their interim business 
plan presentation and seek for advice and comments from academics 
and peers. Other students also can exchange ideas and make 
improvement to their own business plan assignment.

第09回2013/11/27 Learning how to be attractive to Venture Capital
- Basic financial knowledge
- Lecture Material Week 9(PDF)
When you shape the management team and write up the business plan, 
you will need to fundraise to realize your idea and research outcome 
into society. Venture Capital [VC] is one of the important cash 
resources for all small companies. But many suggestions by 
entrepreneurs are rejected. Is there any condition to receive 
We will invite Venture Capital or the specialist in this sector to 
argue on what is an attractive business plan for VC.

第10回2013/12/04 Learning about startup business through a real business plan
- Lecture Material Week 10(PDF)
We will experience decision making at startup through case 

第11回2013/12/11 Learning about startup bisiness through the business case at SFC
- Lecture Material Week 11(PDF)

第12回2013/12/18 Business Plan contest final round
The selected top performing student teams from Business Plan Contest 
will present their business plan and response to direct enquiries 
and comments from a panel of judges, made up of industrial 
professionals and academics. The students can have the experience of 
being a “real” entrepreneur to pitch and convince their business 
plan to the professionals and practice their presentation skills. 

第13回2013/12/25 Intra-organizational knowledge sharing system can benefit employee or employer?
- Lecture 【履修者限定】

第14回2014/01/08 Wrap-up of the course
- Lecture Material Wrap-up 【履修者限定】
Wrap-up of the course
Guest Speaker, Prof. Dechanuchit Katanyutaveetip, Chulalongkorn 

第15回 Additional discussion
Additional discussion

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