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Nowadays, Internet technology percolates our lives and it gradually
changes the state of social life. Internet has a high degree of freedom
to provide connectivity globally. Also, Internet is a global
infrastructure designed to solve many kinds of problems by simply making
good use of it. Internet improves the convenience of many things,
however, security problems like leakage of information and illegal
access has been manifested. Securing the internet is required for
infrastructures, but it is a highly technical problem and it dynamically
changes with time.
Thus, in order to establish the Internet as a social infrastructure,
expanding security measures is required. The security measure which
conveys global viewpoints have to deal with problems that get
elaborately entangled . While the security measure consists of two
elements, technical and systematic elements, it is strongly related to
government policy.
It is also affected by policy enforcement or treaty. Also, you need to
deal with transmutative risks when considering security management. In
this situation, cyber crime has been dramatically changing recently. In
addition to conventional cyber attacks, cyber terrorism is emerging
against a background of political thoughts and high-tech crime is
expanding to pursue economic benefits, which is taking advantage of the
advanced use of information technology.
In this lecture, we deal with security issues in the current Internet technology and explain countermeasures used in society and organization.
Then different view points such as Security of Global Society, Security of International Society, role of Japan and each nation would be discussed. And approaches to new domain of the technology include health care, media, agriculture are discussed.In addition, technologies that could resolve problems and how to formulate rules will be discussed.
Moreover, we assume the participantsto consider what form of security measures should be from various viewpoints. This lecture is jointly delivered with faculty of Information Science, Graduate School of Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

Faculty Jun Murai,Keiji Takeda
Term2014 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012014/09/25 Course Description
- Lecture Material (PDF)
In the beginning of the lecture, both teachers will give opening 
remarks on the lecture.

#022014/10/02 デジタルファブリケーションとセキュリティ Digital Fabrication and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Introduced technology on digital fabrication and related security 

#032014/10/09 デジタルコンテンツとセキュリティ Digital Contents and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Management of digital contents, technologies for contents management 
and security issues on digital content would be discussed.

#042014/10/16 学生発表 1 コンテンツセキュリティ Student Presentation-1 Contents Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
グループワークの課題に対する報告を行い、教員、学生と共に議論する。 第
Teams report and discuss their assignment.  Topic 1 is Contents 

#052014/10/23 プライバシーとセキュリティ(1) Privacy and Security(1)
- Lecture Material (PDF)
The handling of personal information, particularly, the risks 
arising from transferring personal information across nations, as 
well as policy issues will be discussed in this lecture.

#062014/11/06 プライバシーとセキュリティ(2) Privacy and Security(2)
- Lecture Material (PDF)
In this lecture, we will discuss utilization of big data and related 
issues on personal data and privacy and discuss on political 
situation of personal data.

#072014/11/13 IDとセキュリティ ID and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Discuss on various Identification(ID) on systems and related 
security technology, especially common numbering scheme, "MyNumber 
System" being introduced to Japan would be covered.

#082014/11/27 学生発表 2 プライバシーとセキュリティ Student Presentation-2 Privacy and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
グループワークの課題に対する報告を行い、教員、学生と共に議論する。 第
Teams report and discuss their assignment.  Topic 2 is Privacy and 

#092014/12/04 医療とセキュリティ Health care and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Security issues and practices in health care industry would be 

#102014/12/11 Vehicle Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)

#112014/12/18 学生発表 3 医療とセキュリティ Student Presentation-3 Health care and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
グループワークの課題に対する報告を行い、教員、学生と共に議論する。 第
Teams report and discuss their assignment.  Topic 3 is Health care 
and Security.

#122015/01/08 グローバルガバナンスとセキュリティ Global Governance and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Discuss Governance of Internet as Global System and their Security, 
Role of Nation, Society and International treaty etc.

#132015/01/15 最終発表(1) Final Presentation(1)【補講:10月30日休講分】1限実施
Final presentation of the group work will be held. 

#142015/01/15 最終発表(2) Final Presentation(2))【補講:12月25日休講分】2限実施
Final presentation of the group work will be held. In this last 
lecture, we will sum up all the topics undergone.

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