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This course was established in collaboration with Intel Corporation to discuss ICT technology advancement and policy making in 2008. ICT infrastructure is taking important role as a necessarily social infrastructure. Citizen selects technology for their daily life and have became a part of social infrastructure. More the technology taking important part in the social infrastructure, more the interaction between technology advancement and policy is getting important. Usually the speed of technology advancement is faster that rule making process or update. How to fill the gap and integrate latest technology into the society to make it better without slowing down the innovation by policy is the challenge. In this lecture series, we will discuss the relationship between technology advancement and its policy we have in the society. This topic is not only valid in Japan but also all the countries are facing. The topic will be picked from global policy perspective and discussed in English.

Faculty Jun Murai,Catharina Maracke
Term2014 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012014/04/08 Introduction
- Lecture Material (PDF)
scope, overview, role of public and private sector Q&

#022014/04/15 Big data
- Lecture Material (PDF)

#032014/04/22 Privacy
- Lecture Material (PDF)
why privacy and what is privacy

#042014/04/30 ICT and international policies
- Lecture Material (PDF)

#052014/05/13 New Business by Big Data
- Lecture Material (PDF)

#062014/05/20 Internet Governance
- Lecture Material (PDF)

#072014/05/27 Internet Governance (2)
- Lecture Material (PDF)

#082014/06/03 ICT utilization
- Lecture Material (PDF)

#092014/06/10 【非公開】Privacy
- Materials on Privacy [Enrolled Students Only]

#102014/06/17 【非公開】Privacy(2)

#112014/06/24 European Internet Economy
- Lecture Material (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]

#122014/07/01 Asian Internet

#132014/07/08 China Internet Plannning
guest lecture

#142014/07/15 The Future of Korean and Japanese Internet
- Lecture Material (PDF)

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