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総合政策学 【学期前半】(GIGA)


科目名総合政策学 【学期前半】(GIGA) [ シラバス ]


担当者 河添 健井庭 崇國枝 孝弘中山 俊宏
授業期間2014年秋学期 火曜日1時限
授業レベル 学部
参考文献 参考文献リスト

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第01回2014/09/30 History of Keio & Learning Patterns (intro)
- Introducing Caucus(PDF)
- Lecture material - iba (PDF)
- Lecture material -kawazoe (PDF) 【履修者限定】
(1) Short history of Keio and SFC. (Kawazoe)
(2) An introduction on the knowledge creation skills. (Iba)

第02回2014/10/07 Learning Patterns
- Homework Assignment (PDF)
- Lecture Material -iba(PDF)
Exercise on the knowledge creation skills and overview yours.

第03回2014/10/21 Caucus #1
- Presentation Material (PDF)
- Prezi 1 (URL)
- Prezi 2 (URL)
Open your policy and recruit members supporting your policy.

第04回2014/10/28 Introduction to Kenkyu-kai
Senior students:
Kenkyu-kai will be a central forum where each student pursue 
their own agenda.  Will be introducing many Kenkyu-kai that are 
exploring frontiers of knowledge and action.

第05回2014/11/04 Caucus #2
- Annoucement From the SA
Group work to prepare for caucus election.

第06回2014/11/11 Caucus #3 & Wrap up
- 1st Presentation
- 4th Presentation
- 5th Presentation
- 3rd Presentation (URL)
- 6th Presentation (URL)
- 2nd Presentation (URL)
Caucus election!  Deliberations of policies and voting. All 
group will have presentation for the whole class.

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