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An introductory course for "Policy Management", which is a core concept of SFC. SFC aims at integrating various perspectives to identify issues and employ interdisciplinary approaches in understanding and providing solutions for them. It also embraces scholars' active involvement in solving issues, rather than staying at a distance as objective watchers.
This course demonstrates to the incoming students, how SFC community actually implement Policy Management approaches in solving the world's isses. We will be inviting many faculty members as well as outside guest to show how they are approaching issues.

Faculty Takeshi Kawazoe,Takashi Iba,Takahiro Kunieda,Toshihiro Nakayama
Term2014 Fall
Level Undergraduate

Inquiry - Inquiry about this course

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#012014/09/30 History of Keio & Learning Patterns (intro)
- Introducing Caucus(PDF)
- Lecture material - iba (PDF)
- Lecture material -kawazoe (PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
(1) Short history of Keio and SFC. (Kawazoe)
(2) An introduction on the knowledge creation skills. (Iba)

#022014/10/07 Learning Patterns
- Homework Assignment (PDF)
- Lecture Material -iba(PDF)
Exercise on the knowledge creation skills and overview yours.

#032014/10/21 Caucus #1
- Presentation Material (PDF)
- Prezi 1 (URL)
- Prezi 2 (URL)
Open your policy and recruit members supporting your policy.

#042014/10/28 Introduction to Kenkyu-kai
Senior students:
Kenkyu-kai will be a central forum where each student pursue 
their own agenda.  Will be introducing many Kenkyu-kai that are 
exploring frontiers of knowledge and action.

#052014/11/04 Caucus #2
- Annoucement From the SA
Group work to prepare for caucus election.

#062014/11/11 Caucus #3 & Wrap up
- 1st Presentation
- 4th Presentation
- 5th Presentation
- 3rd Presentation (URL)
- 6th Presentation (URL)
- 2nd Presentation (URL)
Caucus election!  Deliberations of policies and voting. All 
group will have presentation for the whole class.

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