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Faculty Jun Murai,Takashi Iba,Fumitoshi Kato,Hiroya Tanaka
Term2014 Fall
Level Undergraduate

Inquiry - Inquiry about this course

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#012014/09/25 Introduction
- Lecture Material (Kato)(PDF)
- Lecture Material (Iba)(PDF)
- Homework(PDF)
- groups - Important!
- A keynote lecture by Dean Jun Murai will set a tone to explore 
environment and information studies at SFC.  The lecture illustrates 
current research issues and on-going activities around us.
- A general introduction to the course will be provided through 
sharing the basic ideas and future visions of the Faculty.

#022014/10/02 Learning pattern workshop
- Lecture material - iba (PDF)
- Dialogue Workshop(PDF)
- groups (updated) pdf
- Prof. Takashi Iba will provide us with a “Learning pattern 
workshop,” in that basic ideas behind the learning style at SFC 
will be explored and discussed.

#032014/10/09 Thinking about our environment - Energy design
- Lecture material - onishi (PDF)
- Prof. Takuya Onishi will talk about his recent projects in the 
domain of “energy design,” followed by a workshop.  Class project 
(class assignment) for the Semester will be announced and explained.

#042014/10/16 Thinking about our environment - Garbology
- Lecture material - kato (PDF)
- Prof. Fumitoshi Kato will introduce the notion of “garbology,” 
and elaborate the ways in which we can understand “garbage” 
through unconventional approaches.  A small workshop will follow.

#052014/10/23 【履修者限定公開】Thinking about our environment - Creative reuse
- Prof. Hiroya Tanaka will talk about his recent activities 
regarding Fablabs, social fabrication and other related issues with 
a particular focus on “creative reuse.”  A workshop follows the 

#062014/10/30 Preparation for presentation
- Lecture Material (PDF)
- Preparation for the final presentation: Students will work in 
groups to prepare for the final presentation.

#072014/11/06 Presentation
- Final presentation and summary of the semester: Each group will 
present its project followed by questions and answers.  We conclude 
the course through reflection and critical appraisal

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