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科目名グローバル・ガバナンス研究(グローバリゼーションと地域変容) [ シラバス ]

This course is jointly conducted with Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea and Fudan University in Shanghai, China through Distance Learning (DL), simultaneously connected via internet.
This course will examine comparative governance and foreign policies in East Asia. The main objective of this course is to analyze Japan's domestic politics, institutions and legal structures that relates to the foreign policy. This course also covers the comparative perspectives of governance and foreign policies of China, Korea, and ASEAN member states.
Students are required to actively join in the weekly Distance Learning class. In addition to the participation in the class, students are also required to fully participate in the joint workshop with Yonsei and Fudan Students. You are expected to form the joint research group with students of both universities, then to give a final presentation in December. In the Fall semester 2016, Fudan will host the Pilgrim Workshop (preparatory meeting) in November, followed by the Global Goveranance Workshop (final presentation) in Keio University.

担当者 神保 謙
授業期間2016年秋学期 水曜日1時限
授業レベル 大学院
参考文献 参考文献リスト

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第01回2016/09/28 【履修者限定公開】Orientations: Comparative Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy in East Asia
- Leture Material (PPT) 【履修者限定】

第02回2016/10/05 【休講】Governance in East Asia: Typological Approach

第03回2016/10/12 【履修者限定公開】Yonsei1: An Idea of ‘Perpetual Peace’ in East Asia: from a Perspective of East Asian-World Citizen
- Leture Material (PPT) 【履修者限定】

第04回2016/10/19 【履修者限定公開】Fudan1: The Growth of Developmental Democracy in China: Comparative Perspective
- Lecture Material(PPT) 【履修者限定】

第05回2016/10/26 【履修者限定公開】Keio1: Democracy in Asia: Is Democracy in Retreat?
- Lecture Material(PPT) 【履修者限定】

第06回2016/11/02 【履修者限定公開】Fudan2: Trilateral Cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea: Toward a Pluralist Regional Order
- Leture Material (PPT) 【履修者限定】

第07回2016/11/09 【履修者限定公開】Keio 2: New Security Dynamics in East Asia Japan’s Expanding Strategic Portfolio
- Lecture Slides (PPT)

第08回2016/11/23 【履修者限定公開】Yonsei 2:One Asia through One Korea is Possible? :Role of Middle Bridge Power in Regional Peace Building “Perpetual Peace” through “Mezzo Utopia” in East Asia and Korea
- Lecture Material (PPT)

第09回2016/11/30 【履修者限定公開】Students’Presentation 1

第10回2016/12/07 【履修者限定公開】East Asia Community and East Asia Summit
- Lecture Slides (PPT)

第11回2016/12/14 Cancelled due to Lecturer\\'s Official Duty

第12回2016/12/21 【履修者限定公開】Japan’s Foreign Policy: Origins and Evolutions
- Lecture Material

第13回2017/01/11 履修者限定公開】Japan’s Foreign Policy: Contemporary Developments
- Lecture Material (PPT)

第14回2017/01/18 【履修者限定公開】Regionalism and East Asia
- Lecture Slides (PPT)

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