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環境情報学 【学期前半】(GIGA/GG/GI)


科目名環境情報学 【学期前半】(GIGA/GG/GI) [ シラバス ]

As a required subject, “Environment and Information Studies” is aimed to serve as an introduction to SFC, and to the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. The course consists of lectures, workshops and group presentations. Through the workshops, students are expected to develop the ideas about the ways in which we approach various issues and problems regarding our environment.

担当者 村井 純筧 康明萩野 達也
授業期間2016年秋学期 木曜日1時限
授業レベル 学部
参考文献 参考文献リスト

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第01回2016/09/29 Introduction
- Slides for Hagino
- Lecture material -iba (PDF)
- Homework (PDF)
- For workshop (PDF)
- Lecture material -murai (PDF)
- A keynote lecture by Dean Jun Murai will set a tone to explore
environment and information studies at SFC.  The lecture illustrates
current research issues and on-going activities around us.
- A general introduction to the course will be provided through
sharing the basic ideas and future visions of the Faculty.

第02回2016/10/06 Learning pattern workshop
- Lecture Material (PDF)
- Workshop Handout (PDF)
- Experience Chart (Exel)
- Learning pattern workshop: basic ideas behind the learning style at
SFC will be explored and discussed.

第03回2016/10/13 Student Build Campus
- Learning Pattern Workshop Homework 3
- Leaning Pattern Workshop Experience Chart
- Lecture and workshop to understand the idea of SBC project.

第04回2016/10/20 Speculative Design Workshop
- Lecture Material
- Lecture material -murai (PDF)
- Group Member List 【履修者限定】
- Lecture and workshop for speculative design.

第05回2016/10/27 Speculative Design Workshop
- continue from the previous week.

第06回2016/11/03 Drone (Robot) Workshop
- Group Member List 【履修者限定】
- DroneTutorial
- ID_List 【履修者限定】
- Source Code 【履修者限定】
- Lecture and workshop for drone.

第07回2016/11/10 Drone (Robot) Workshop
- 写真1 【履修者限定】
- 写真2 【履修者限定】
- 写真3 【履修者限定】
- continue from the previous week.

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