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科目名グローバル・ガバナンス研究(グローバル・ガバナンスの視点) [ シラバス ]

●The course examines the perspectives of East Asia free trade area. It also looks into the relationship between the trade multilateralism embodied in the WTO and the possible making of the East Asia FTA (Free Trade Agreement). Firstly, students will analyze FTA policies of the each of three North East Asian countries, i.e. Japan, China, and Korea, vis-a-vis the ASEAN countries. Secondly, students will look at the possibility of making a FTA among three North East Asian countries with a view to creating the East Asian Economic Community together with the ASEAN. The issues of WTO consisitency will be examined simultaneously as the discussions proceed.
●This course is conducted in close cooperation with Fudan University in Shanghai and Yongsei University in Seoul. Students are,therefore, expected to fully participate in the discussions and presentations in the common language, i.e. in English.

担当者 渡邊 頼純
授業期間2017年春学期 水曜日1時限
授業レベル 大学院
参考文献 参考文献リスト

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第01回2017/04/12 International Commerce and EU
- BREXIT and Japan: revisit 【履修者限定】
- International Trading System and Brexit 【履修者限定】

第02回2017/04/19 Foreign Policy Goal of Korea’s UN Peacekeeping Operations【DL:Yonsei】
- Lecture Document 【履修者限定】
- Lecture PPT 【履修者限定】

第03回2017/04/26 EMERGING RE-ALIGNMENTS IN ASIA-PACIFIC TRADE - Retreat of Globalization and Asian Geo-economics -- A Japanese View --【DL:Keio】
- Emerging Re-alignment in Asia-Pacific Trade 【履修者限定】
- Lecture Document 【履修者限定】

第04回2017/05/10 G20 Institutional Transition: from informal to “informal+formal” 【DL:Fudan】
- Why States Act through Formal International Organizations 【履修者限定】
- G20 institutional transition and global tax governance 【履修者限定】
- Why are some international agreements informal? 【履修者限定】
- Lecture PPT 【履修者限定】

第05回2017/05/17 Anti-Americanism in South Korea【DL:Yonsei】
- Reading material 【履修者限定】
- lecture ppt 【履修者限定】

第06回2017/05/24 BRICS Cooperation and Global Governance Reform 【DL:Fudan】
- A Long Term Vision for BRICS 【履修者限定】
- A BRICS Development Bank A Dream Coming True 【履修者限定】
- Lecture PPT 【履修者限定】

第07回2017/05/31 Japan and the BREXIT --- Implications on Regional Integration --- 【DL:Keio】
- Brexit and Japan 【履修者限定】

第08回2017/06/07 Joint Presentations 【DL】
- politics 【履修者限定】
- cooperation 【履修者限定】
- economic cooperation 【履修者限定】
- culture 【履修者限定】

第09回2017/06/14 The World Trade Organization ---The Multilateral Trading System at Bay ?---
- Trade Multilateralism and Regional Integration: GATT/WTO and FTAs 【履修者限定】

第10回2017/06/21 Group Work 【非公開】
- FTA Negotiations:trade in goods
- FTA Negotiations: trade in services 【履修者限定】

第11回2017/06/28 Student’s Presentation 1
- PPT 【履修者限定】

第12回2017/07/05 Student’s Presentation 2

第13回2017/07/12 Student’s Presentation 3
- CJK PPT 【履修者限定】

第14回2017/07/19 Student’s Presentation 4
- TTIP ppt 【履修者限定】

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