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Faculty Yorizumi Watanabe
Term2017 Fall
Level Graduate

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#012017/04/12 International Commerce and EU
- BREXIT and Japan: revisit [Enrolled Students Only]
- International Trading System and Brexit [Enrolled Students Only]

#022017/04/19 Foreign Policy Goal of Korea’s UN Peacekeeping Operations【DL:Yonsei】
- Lecture Document [Enrolled Students Only]
- Lecture PPT [Enrolled Students Only]

#032017/04/26 EMERGING RE-ALIGNMENTS IN ASIA-PACIFIC TRADE - Retreat of Globalization and Asian Geo-economics -- A Japanese View --【DL:Keio】
- Emerging Re-alignment in Asia-Pacific Trade [Enrolled Students Only]
- Lecture Document [Enrolled Students Only]

#042017/05/10 G20 Institutional Transition: from informal to “informal+formal” 【DL:Fudan】
- Why States Act through Formal International Organizations [Enrolled Students Only]
- G20 institutional transition and global tax governance [Enrolled Students Only]
- Why are some international agreements informal? [Enrolled Students Only]
- Lecture PPT [Enrolled Students Only]

#052017/05/17 Anti-Americanism in South Korea【DL:Yonsei】
- Reading material [Enrolled Students Only]
- lecture ppt [Enrolled Students Only]

#062017/05/24 BRICS Cooperation and Global Governance Reform 【DL:Fudan】
- A Long Term Vision for BRICS [Enrolled Students Only]
- A BRICS Development Bank A Dream Coming True [Enrolled Students Only]
- Lecture PPT [Enrolled Students Only]

#072017/05/31 Japan and the BREXIT --- Implications on Regional Integration --- 【DL:Keio】
- Brexit and Japan [Enrolled Students Only]

#082017/06/07 Joint Presentations 【DL】
- politics [Enrolled Students Only]
- cooperation [Enrolled Students Only]
- economic cooperation [Enrolled Students Only]
- culture [Enrolled Students Only]

#092017/06/14 The World Trade Organization ---The Multilateral Trading System at Bay ?---
- Trade Multilateralism and Regional Integration: GATT/WTO and FTAs [Enrolled Students Only]

#102017/06/21 Group Work 【非公開】
- FTA Negotiations:trade in goods
- FTA Negotiations: trade in services [Enrolled Students Only]

#112017/06/28 Student’s Presentation 1
- PPT [Enrolled Students Only]

#122017/07/05 Student’s Presentation 2

#132017/07/12 Student’s Presentation 3
- CJK PPT [Enrolled Students Only]

#142017/07/19 Student’s Presentation 4
- TTIP ppt [Enrolled Students Only]

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