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インターネット時代のセキュリティ管理 (GIGA)


科目名インターネット時代のセキュリティ管理 (GIGA) [ シラバス ]

Internet technology percolates our lives and it gradually changes the state of our social life. Internet has a high degree of freedom to provide connectivity globally. Also, Internet is a global infrastructure designed to solve many issues by simply making good use of it. Internet improves the convenience of many things, however, security issues like leakages of information and illegal accesses have been manifested. “Secure Internet” is required for our social infrastructures, but it is a highly complicated problem and it dynamically changes as time goes by. Thus, in order to establish the Internet as a social infrastructure, expanding security measures is quite important. A security measure that conveys global viewpoint has to deal with problems that get elaborately entangled. While the security measure consists of two elements, technical and operational elements that is strongly related to government policy. Sometimes it is affected by global rule or treaty.
Also, we need to deal with mutative risks when considering security management. Cyber crime has been dramatically changing recently. In addition, “cyber terrorism” is emerging against a background of political thoughts and high-tech crime is expanding to pursue economic benefits, which is taking advantage of the advanced use of information technology.
In this lecture, we deal with security issues in the current Internet technology and explain countermeasures used in society and organization. Then different viewpoints such as Security of Global Society, Security of International Society, role of Japan and each nation would be discussed. Also we approaches to new domain of the technology include health care, media, and agriculture. In addition, technologies that could resolve problems and how to formulate rules will be discussed. Moreover, we assume the participants to consider what form of security measures should be from various viewpoints. This lecture is jointly delivered with faculty of Information Science, Graduate School of Nara Institute of Science and Technology.

担当者 村井 純阪本 泰男佐藤 雅明武田 圭史
授業期間2017年秋学期 木曜日2時限
授業レベル 学部
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第01回2017/09/28 Introduction
- Lecture Material (PDF)
In the beginning of the lecture, teachers will give opening remarks.

第02回2017/10/05 Cyber Security(1): Strategy
- Lecture Material(PDF)
We deal with security issues in the current Internet technology 
and explain countermeasures used in society and organization. 
We also discuss basic strategy of cyber security that is the 
Internet as Global System.

第03回2017/10/12 Cyber Security(2): Architecture
- Lecture Material(PDF)
An architecture of current cyber security and protection 
methods would be discussed. We also discuss how to coordinate 
the basic rules, methods, and principles.

第04回2017/10/19 IoT, Digital fabrication and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)

第05回2017/10/26 Web Security/Privacy & Technologies
- Lecture Material (PDF)

第06回2017/11/02 Students’ Presentation

第07回2017/11/09 CyberSecurity for IoT & Smart City
- Lecture Material (PDF)

第08回2017/11/16 【履修者限定公開】IoT and Big data
- Lecture Material (PDF)
We discuss utilization of big data and related issues on 
personal data and privacy and discuss on political situation 
of personal data. 
In this lecture, Threat and risk analysis of big data from 
sensors (Internet of things: IoT) will be discussed.

第09回2017/11/30 Digital fabrication and security
- Lecture Material (PDF)
Introduced technology on digital fabrication and related 
security issues. 

第10回2017/12/07 Students’ Presentation:Big data and Privacy
Teams report and discuss their assignment. Topic is “Big data, 
IoT and security”.

第11回2017/12/14 Internet Governance and Security
- Lecture Material (PDF)

第12回2017/12/21 Cyber security and governance
- Lecture Material(PDF)
We discuss governance for global/cross-border security, 
international harmonization and cooperation. In this lecture, 
Threat and risk analysis of a world wide event (ex. Olympic 
game 2020) will be discussed. We also discuss governance of 
the Internet as Global System and their Security, Role of 
Nation, Society and International treaty etc. 

第13回2018/01/11 Final Presentation(1)
Final Presentation(1)

第14回2018/01/18 Final Presentation(2)
Final presentation of the group work will be held. In this last 
lecture, we will sum up all the topics undergone.

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