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科目名低炭素社会設計論 [ シラバス ]

You will study fundamental knowledge both in terms of science and policies necessary to understand key issues involved in, and approaches to designing low-carbon societies, including:
1. Scientific understanding of climate change, its impacts, science and policy interface, global greenhouse gas emissions and their future projections based on different socio-economic scenarios.
2. Integration of climate change policies into development in developing countries in Asia,
3. Political processes of building international regime to tackle climate change, current negotiations on post-2012 climate regime and their challenges,
4. Key considerations in designing emissions trading and other important policy instruments,
5. Carbon accounting and carbon management, and
6. Corporate, local and national climate actions.

担当者 厳 網林加藤 真ショウ, ラジブ松尾 直樹吉本 翔生
授業期間2018年春学期 火曜日3時限
授業レベル 大学院
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第01回2018/04/10 【塾内限定公開】Introduction
Introduce the outline and schedule of the lecture course, and 
discuss key aspects of global environmental issues, economic
and social factors that have caused these serious challenges,
and actions by Governments, businesses and citizens that will 
be required to provide solutions to the problem.

第02回2018/04/17 気候変動問題の科学的知見(1)―気候変動はどのように起きるのか? Scientific Aspects of Climate Change―How Climate Has Been Changing?
- 講義資料
IPCC WG1の知見を中心に,気候変動の科学面の知見をサーベイする。
Outline of the scientific aspects of climate change―based on
the IPCC WG 1 Report―is provided, in order to understand what
have been clarified scientifically.

第03回2018/04/24 気候変動枠組条約・京都議定書・パリ協定 The UNFCCC, the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement
- 講義資料(PPT)
The essential elements and implications of the international 
framework to tackle the climate change issue―UNFCCC, its Kyoto 
Protocol and its Paris Agreement―is clarified.

- 講義資料(PDF) 【履修者限定】
- Lecture Material 【履修者限定】

第05回2018/05/15 Scientific Basis
- Class Material 【履修者限定】
- Class Material 2
Scientific basis for climate change, its mechanisms, current
status, impact, etc. are presented based on IPCC Assessment 
Reports and other materials.

第06回2018/05/22 【履修者限定公開】Climate Finance
- Climate Finance
- Green Bonds

第07回2018/05/29 【履修者限定公開】Climate Actions Transparency
- Climate Action Transparency 【履修者限定】

第08回2018/06/05 気候変動問題における科学と意思決定の相互作用 Interaction between Science and Decision Making on Climate Change
- 講義資料
How the scientific knowledge accumulation and utilization
process have been designed carefully as its essential element
to cope with climate change issue is discussed.

第09回2018/06/12 気候変動問題の国内政策措置デザイン論 Designing Domestic Policies and Measures to Tackle Climate Change
- 講義資料(PPT)
Focusing on domestic climate mitigation policies, measures and 
programs, how they are categorized and how to design them to 
make them work effectively are discussed. 

第10回2018/06/19 Trends of efforts made by local governments for realizing a low carbon economy
The lecture focuses on efforts being made and challenge faced
by local governments in Japan and the world.

第11回2018/06/26 Domestic policies and measures
地球温暖化対策 地方公共団体実行計画 区域施策編について、
New trend of municipal low carbon action plans mixing with Japan 
national Vitalizing Plan for Local Economy.

第12回2018/07/03 市場メカニズムおよび炭素税の意味とその活用方法 Implication and Utilization of Market Mechanisms and Carbon Pricing
Utilization of market and price signal to reduce GHGs is 
an emerging approach throughout the world. Practical 
considerations for successful elements is discussed.

第13回2018/07/10 Students workshop
Discuss implications of the change that will be required for a 
transition to a sustainable low-carbon society, including its 
opportunities and challenges.

第14回2018/07/17 Conclusion(担当:ショウ ラジブ/Shaw Rajib)
Summary and future prospects.

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