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TitleDESIGN STUDIES [ Syllabus ]

This class is composed of series of lectures conducted by designers of space who design certain spaces and related area, such as architecture, its structure, city, and landscape architecture. Each designer will give a talk on his/her interest and meaning of the design. The purpose of the class is to learn what is 'Design' and what's for and to enhance students' knowledge and interest into spatial design.
Basic language is Japanese but some of the lecture will be conducted in English.

Faculty Hiroto Kobayashi,Yuko Shirai,Shohei Matsukawa
Term2018 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012018/09/25 レクチャー:イントロダクション
- 初回授業資料(小林博人)
考え方を変えよう: 新しい建築の作り方

#022018/10/02 【非公開】レクチャー

#032018/10/09 レクチャー:アルゴリズミックデザイン -植物を育てるように建築を育てる-

#042018/10/16 【履修者限定公開】ゲストレクチャー(三島由樹氏)

#052018/10/23 ゲストレクチャー(池田靖史氏)

#062018/10/30 【履修者限定公開】ゲストレクチャー(鳴川肇氏)

#072018/11/06 【塾内限定公開】ゲストレクチャー(オオニシタクヤ氏)
- 講義資料(1/3)(PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
- 講義資料(2/3)(PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
- 講義資料(3/3)(PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]

#082018/11/27 【非公開】ゲストレクチャー(辻泰岳氏)

#092018/12/04 ゲストレクチャー(堀田憲祐氏)

#102018/12/11 【履修者限定公開】ゲストレクチャー(石川初氏)

#112018/12/18 【履修者限定公開】ゲストレクチャー(川島典久氏)

#122018/12/25 ゲストレクチャー:SBC滞在棟2設計施工秘話 (菊地豊栄氏)
- 講義資料(PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]

#132019/01/08 ゲストレクチャー(米田一晃氏)

#142019/01/15 ゲストレクチャー(連勇太朗氏)
- 講義資料(PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]

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