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開発とローカリズム (GIGA/GG)


科目名開発とローカリズム (GIGA/GG) [ シラバス ]

Objective: To research and discuss issues of livelihood, environmental resources, health, and migration within the ASEAN countries in the postwar and contemporary periods.
The focus is on the issues that have arisen from the impact of economic development on local communities and ordinary citizens.
Method: In addition to reading theoretical and critical works on development, there is weekly discussion based on the readings. We adopt a regional focus on Southeast and East Asian with successful and unsuccessful examples. There is also a practical and micro-level focus on the people and communities that are experiencing development themselves. After the mid-term, we explore various strategies for Sustainable Development and participatory development by looking at some current projects in Asia.

担当者 ティースマイヤ, リン
授業期間2019年春学期 木曜日3時限
授業レベル 大学院
参考文献 参考文献リスト

第01回2019/04/11 Explanation of the Course and Assignments. First-day Essay (Required).
- Lecture Material(PDF)
- Reference Material(PDF) 【履修者限定】
- First Day Assignment 【履修者限定】
Reading material by Vandana Shiva, “Miracle Seeds”, and
In-class essay on the article.

第02回2019/04/18 Main Issues in Development
- Lecture Material(PDF)
Esteva, Gustavo. "Development." 

第03回2019/04/25 History and Theory of Development: Definitions of Poverty
- Lecture Material(PDF)
Ranema, Majid. “Poverty.” From The Development Dictionary.

第04回2019/05/09 Economic Development and “Social” Development
- Lecture Material(PDF)
McMichael, Philip. Development and Social Change. 

第05回2019/05/23 Development Planning and Problematic Results: Water Resources
- Lecture Material(PDF)
- Class Schedule 【履修者限定】
McCully, Patrick. Silenced Rivers.

第06回2019/05/30 Measurements and Definitions of Poverty, part I
- Lecture Material(PDF)
Sen, Amartya. 1 and 2, "Interest, Well-being, and Advantage" 
and "Commodities and their Use"

第07回2019/06/06 Measurements and Definitions of Poverty, part II
- Lecture Material(PDF)
Sen, Amartya. Commodities and Capabilities, chapter 3: "Utility, 
Desire, Well-being"  

第08回2019/06/08 Sat. 土 補講 Food Insecurity in Economic Growth, part I
- Lecture Material(PDF)
1) Sen, Amartya, Poverty and Famines.  
2) Practice and Review for Mid-term.

第09回2019/06/13 Food Insecurity in Economic Growth part 2
- Midterm 2019 (due 6/20) Correct, Final Version
- Lecture Material(PDF)
following week.
2) Rattan Lal et al., Climate Change and Global Food Security.  
(Revised on May 28)

第10回2019/06/20 Gender, Globalization and the Workforce, part I
- Lecture Material(PDF)
1) SUBMISSION of MIDTERM Take-home Assignment, in class. 
2)Mies, Maria. Patriarchy and Accumulation on a World Scale.  

第11回2019/06/27 Globalization and the Workforce, part II
- Lecture Material(PDF)
Balakrishnan, Radhika. "The Hidden Assembly Line." 

第12回2019/07/04 The Commons: Traditional Land and Resource Access vs. Privatization
- Lecture Material(PDF)
Mitsumata, Gaku. "A Study on Japanese 'Iriai." 

第13回2019/07/11 Development and Public Health Policy.
- Lecture Material(PDF)
1) World Bank, Confronting AIDS: Public Priorities in a Global 
Epidemic.                                                      2) As 
a substitute "Week 15", an assignment will be distributed as a 
practice for the Final Test.

第14回2019/07/18 Final In-class Essay.
- FINAL TEST (最終テスト)In-class Essay (授業中・小論文)
Final Essay Test, In-class. The regular, distributed class materials 
may be brought in and used during the test.

第15回2019/07/11 The assigment distributed on 7/11 serves as a subsitute for Week 15.
Take-home Essay distributed on 7.11, as preparation for Final Test on 
7.18 (14th Week) 

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