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アーバンルーラルリデザイン 【学期前半】(GIGA/GI)


科目名アーバンルーラルリデザイン 【学期前半】(GIGA/GI) [ シラバス ]

City and rural provinces changes due to various reasons and its space changes accordingly. This lecture examines actual urban redevelopment and rural revitalization cases in order to clarify what kind of factors effect on changing the space, what kind of conditions are to be considered, and what kind of goals are to be set. In this class, specifically urban and rural problems and its physical design solutions are to be discussed.
Japanese urban history will be also studied through local community, ‘Cho’, which leads to a discussion on relationship between emergence of local society and urban form. Through several case studies, urban and rural problems such as earthquake, depopulation, poverty, terrorism, are to be examined in terms of social, cultural, and economical point of views. How these problems are reflected on physical space will be discussed as well.
Case studies will be Reconstruction projects of Tohoku region, Revitalization of urban dilapidated districts and provinces in Japan, Syrian refugee impact to European cities, and African urban modernization.
In the 3rd period a lecture is conducted, and in the 4th period the topic of the lecture is to be discussed.

担当者 小林 博人
授業期間2019年春学期 火曜日3時限,火曜日4時限
授業レベル 学部
参考文献 参考文献リスト

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第01回2019/04/09 Introduction イントロダクション
- 1st class presentation
Guidance for the class, Lecture on urban renewal and redevelopment

Theme: Current urban problems

Origin of 'Urban Design' and its positioning → Beginning of Urban
Design in USA, purpose, definition, positioning
Urban Designの起源と位置づけ →アメリカにおけるUrban Designのスター

第02回2019/04/09 Discussion: Power, attractiveness, problem of a city 議論:街の魅力、活力、課題
- 1st class discussion
Theme of Discussion: Power, attractiveness, problem of a city

Meaning of street in city → liveliness of street and human activity, 
commercial activity, theatricality 
都市における「通り」の意味 → 通りの賑わいと人のアクティビティ、商業活

第03回2019/04/16 Discussion: What is changing and not changing 議論:変化するもの、しないもの
- 2nd class discussion
Theme of Discussion: Genius Loci, local characteristics and 

Development and change   開発と変化

第04回2019/04/16 Lecture: Urban life, Powre of ’Cho’講義:都市空間と生活,「町」のもつ力
- 2nd class presentation
Theme: Street and 'Cho', Redevelopment, a large-scale change of city

'Machi' and 'Michi'   「まち」と「みち」
Relationship between street and community in Japan   日本における通り
Low city open to street, High city close to street   通りに開いた下
Large-scale redevelopment and urban transformation 大規模再開発と都市

第05回2019/04/23 Discussion: Recovery Planning, Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami Discussion 議論:震災復興 東北大震災 
- discussion
Theme of Discussion: Disaster and its recovery action, Bottom-up 
urban recovery
議論するテーマ:災害と復興アクション ボトムアップによる町づくり

Recovery from the disaster

第06回2019/04/23 Lecture: Recovery Planning, Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami 講義:震災復興 東北大震災 
- Material of 5th and 6th classes
- material for 5th and 6th classes
Theme: Disaster and its recovery action

Fukushima Recovery, 福島の復興
Minami-sanriku Veneer House project
Maeamihama Veneer House project
Philippines Bohol Cogon Veneer House project
フィリピン ・ボホール・コゴンベニアハウスプロジェクト
Case in Nepal and Italy ネパールとイタリアの場合

第07回2019/05/07 Lecture: Refugee and related problems to you  講義:難民とそれに伴う問題と自分
- Lecture material (PDF)
Lecturer, Nancy Ji  講師:ナンシー・ジー
Theme: Refugee, Immigrant and their issues in cities.   

第08回2019/05/07 Discussion: Adaptation of different people 議論:異なる背景を持つ人たちをどう受け入れるか
- discussion
Theme of Discussion: How to respond to the unknown scare

Respect other people's lifestyle, culture and religion

第09回2019/05/14 Discussion: Tourism, the only way of saving economy? 議論:ツーリズムが経済を救う唯一の方法なのか?
- discussion
Theme of Discussion: How to deal with tons of tourists from all over 
the world?

第10回2019/05/14 Lecture: Cultural Heritage and its preservation 講義:文化遺産と保存
- Lecture material (PDF)
Lecturer, Nancy Ji  講師:ナンシー・ジー
Theme: Cultural heritage and its preservation. How to deal with 
テーマ:文化遺産とその保存 ツーリズムをどう扱うべきか?

第11回2019/05/21 【履修者限定公開】Lecture: Urban poverty, 講義:貧困の都市学
Lecturer, Rumi Okazaki 講師:岡崎留美 
Theme: poverty and city

Absolute poverty and relative poverty, Image of poverty and r

第12回2019/05/21 Discussion: Refugee and City 議論:難民と都市 
Theme of Discussion: Oppressed people and city

Refugees and problem of disaster victim  難民と被災者問題  

第13回2019/05/28 Wrap-up 全回の総括

第14回2019/05/28 What’s future urban design? 未来の都市デザインとは
- final class and report
Theme of Discussion: Future urban design direction

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