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ポリシーマネジメント(開発とヒューマンセキュリティ) (GIGA/GG)


科目名ポリシーマネジメント(開発とヒューマンセキュリティ) (GIGA/GG) [ シラバス ]

The purpose of the course is to approach human (in)security by examining the role of the state in its services to the people, the services that the state can provide and the extent to which the state services can reach out for its people. Examining risks presented to the individuals due to the lack of services and/or the limited coverage of existing services are also another focus of the course.

The role of the government (acting in the name of the state), theoretically speaking, is to design policies and offer services to its people and in return, people pay taxes in order to enjoy the services provided, that is, public goods. Depending on the extension of services it can provide can one state be considered either a night watchman state or a welfare state. How do the people carry out their daily life given the presence/absence of the protection from its state in certain area? Even where the state is involved, there is no assurance that such policies and/or services are comprehensive enough to cover everyone, or even effective for many. Furthermore, even with these problems, these policies and services may either give so little autonomy to their beneficiaries (people).

The course will use examples of health, police, education, etc as illustrations to examine how different types of states deal with each issue and how their approach influence the living of its people.

担当者 ヴ レ タオ チ
授業期間2019年春学期 火曜日3時限
授業レベル 大学院
参考文献 参考文献リスト

第01回2019/04/09 Introduction(担当:Vu Le Thao Chi)
- Introduction to Basic Concepts
I will briefly introduce the purposes and mechanism of 
the course. We will also give the “must” readings and final a
assignment for you 
to consider throughout the semester.

第02回2019/04/16 Human Security: An Introduction (担当:Michio Umegaki)
- Human Security: An Introduction
Human Security: Discussion of the beginnings and changing 
conceptions of human security. This will be followed by the 
elaboration on what the key conceptual as well as policy 
issues involved in the "human security" research. 

第03回2019/04/23 Risks and Risk Society-1(担当:Vu Le Thao Chi)
- Risk and Risk Society
The very basic relationship between the modern state and the 
individuals lie in a “contract” between the two, where the
latter covers the cost of services (policies- the act of 
designing choices ) that the state prepares. We examine 
how such a modern contract can help promote choice-making 
for the people in the era of "risk society".

第04回2019/05/07 Risk and Risk Society-2(担当: Vu Le Thao Chi)
- Risk and Risk Society-2
We will continue the discussion on the concept "Risk" and go over 
historical examples of State-individual relationship in managing 

第05回2019/05/14 Risks and Worry Society(担当: Vu Le Thao Chi )
- Risk and Worry Society
State, though playing an integral role in dealing with Risks, has 
been greatly challenged when it and the way it manages risks can 
become the source of insecurities and worries. 

第06回2019/05/21 【非公開】Mid-term in-class Examination

第07回2019/05/28 Risks vs. Human Security 1 : Health and Health Insurance(担当: Vu Le Thao Chi )
- Case Study 1: Health
The relationship between State and the Individual is 
re-examined in the area of Health.

第08回2019/06/04 Risks vs. Human Security 2: Gun Control (担当:Vu Le Thao Chi)
- Case Study 2: Safe Street
The relationship between State and the Individual is 
re-examined in the area of Security, particularly the issue 
of Gun Control to illustrate how a policy can shape 
choice-making for individuals and risks that may follow. 
Two comparative cases include gun-control policy in Japan 
and that in the U.S

第09回2019/06/11 Risks vs. Human Security 3: The use of Agent Orange during Vietnam War(担当:Vu Le Thao Chi)
- Case Study 3: Agent Orange
The State vs. Individual (Citizens) relationship is to be 
examined via the use of Agent Orange (defoliants) by the U.S 
in its pursuitof National Security.

第10回2019/06/18 Risks vs. Human Security 4 : State and the Elderly(担当:Deng Jingxi)
- Aging Society in Transitional China
The relationship between the State and the group of individuals who 
contribute less to the national growth. 

第11回2019/06/25 Grouping Individuals: Political Construct of Individuals(担当:Vu Le Thao Chi)
- Political Construct of Individual
Who are we? Who are they? and how does that affect our 
living in both choices and risks? 

第12回2019/07/02 State-Individual Contract or A Theatrics of Politicians(担当:Michio Umegaki)
- Contract in Practice

第13回2019/07/09 Human Insecurities from Choosing in Everyday Life (担当:Vu Le Thao Chi)
- Choosing Matters
How people make choices and make decision over available choices in 
the context of everyday life? 

第14回2019/07/16 Policy Management: A Review on Risk, State, Individual and Human Security(担当:Vu Le Thao Chi)
- Overview

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