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NEWS Hi all, I am terribly sorry, due to a meeting at Mita campus, I will cancel the first lecture at 27, September. Please look the attached pdf file at the first lecture in this SFC-SFS. Best regards, Takeshi


Faculty Takeshi Kawazoe
Term2019 Fall
Level Undergraduate

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#012019/09/27 【塾内限定公開】Guidance
- History of PDE [Enrolled Students Only]
History of PDE (partial differential equation)

#022019/10/04 【塾内限定公開】Differential Equations
- Lecture Material(PDF) [Enrolled Students Only]
Phenomena and differential equations. 
Wave equation and D'Alembert's method

#032019/10/18 【塾内限定公開】Fourier Series
Fourier coefficients and Fourier seriesフーリエ係数とフーリエ級数

#042019/10/25 【塾内限定公開】Examples and Exercises
Examples and Exercises

#052019/11/01 【塾内限定公開】Property of Fourier Series I
Dirichlet's Theorem

#062019/11/08 【塾内限定公開】Property of Fourier Series II
Parseval's Equation

#072019/11/15 【塾内限定公開】Examples and Exercises
Examples and Gibbs's phenomenon

#082019/11/29 【塾内限定公開】Heat Propagation I
Heat equation and its solution

#092019/12/06 【塾内限定公開】Wave Propagation
Wave equation and its solution

#102019/12/13 【塾内限定公開】Property of Fourier Series I
Fourier transform, Dirichlet's Theorem

#112019/12/20 【塾内限定公開】Property of Fourier Series II
Parseval's Equation

#122019/12/27 【塾内限定公開】Heat Propagation II
Heat equation and its solution

#132020/01/17 【塾内限定公開】Uncertainty Principle
Uncertainty Principle

#142020/01/17 【塾内限定公開】Wavelet transform
Wavelet transform

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