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インターネット (GIGA/GG/GI)


科目名インターネット (GIGA/GG/GI) [ シラバス ]

In this lecture, we deal with many future issues in the Internet technology, philosophy, regulation and rule, and market value based on our experience at SFC. Our campus, SFC has been charged with the very important role in Japanese Internet. It was a big challenge that SFC adopted the Internet as a campus platform at the beginning, thus our experiment became a big contribution for current information environment in society.
Up to the present, the Internet has supported our live. The Internet connected everything, every service by global scale. Also, an individual can show the message easily to the world by the Internet. The Internet is a global infrastructure designed to solve many issues by simply making good use of it. For the future, we have the mission making the better Internet with better knowledge of technologies, better methods for decision-making, unfettered idea and strong spirit. We wish to meet next generation Internet frontier with strong soul in this lecture.

担当者 村井 純佐藤 雅明中村 修
授業期間2019年春学期 火曜日3時限
授業レベル 学部
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第01回2019/04/09 Introduction
- internet01
-	Outline of this lecture series
-	“What is the Internet”

第02回2019/04/16 Before Internet, After Internet
- internet02
-	Internet history
-	Pros and cons, Open issues of the internet 

第03回2019/04/23 Technologies Of The Internet(1)
- internet03

第04回2019/05/07 Technologies Of The Internet(2)
- internet04

第05回2019/05/14 Technologies Of The Internet(3)
- internet05

第06回2019/05/21 Technologies Of The Internet(4)
- internet06

第07回2019/05/28 Technologies Of The Internet(5)
- Internet07

第08回2019/06/04 Student presentation(1)
- Internet08_Group_work 【履修者限定】

第09回2019/06/11 Technologies Of The Internet(6)
- Internet09
-	Sensor networks
-	Connected industries
-	Connected car, automated driving

第10回2019/06/18 Technologies Of The Internet(7)
- internet10

第11回2019/06/25 Security
- internet11

第12回2019/07/02 International Standard
- internet12

第13回2019/07/09 Final Presentaion
- internet13

第14回2019/07/16 Future of the Internet
- 14th slides
- internet14
-	Summary of this lecture series
-	Governance, consensus, resource management

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