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日本とアフリカのグローバルコネクション(持続可能な協働の実現のプロセスの探求) (GIGA)


科目名日本とアフリカのグローバルコネクション(持続可能な協働の実現のプロセスの探求) (GIGA) [ シラバス ]

"As TICAD-IV ended, plans were already being formulated for TICAD-V in 2013, TICAD-VI in 2016, Prime Minister Fukuda Announced told delegates at TICAD-IV, that by 2012-five years from now-Japan would have doubled its official development assistance (ODA) to Africa, increasing it gradually over these years. At the same time, Fukuda said his government would double its grand aid and technical cooperation for Africa by 2012."
AHN News. May 28, 2008.
This class is designed as an introduction to Japanese policies in sub-Saharan Africa, and how these policies relate to the Tokyo International Conference on African Development. TICAD has been the centerpiece of Japan's policy in Africa since its inception in 1992.As the Ministry of Foreign Affairs prepares for TICAD VII 2019, there are many issues to consider in order to realize the goals of increased trade, aid and connection between Japan and Africa. Although the results of previous conferences had been constructive, there remains an "information gap" between the policies and intents of the Japanese government and business community, and the response and knowledge of the Japanese citizen as to the recent history, the varied cultures and issues in Africa today. By investigating both large-scale and small scale investment, tourism and educational connections and N.G.O. endeavors and the goals and effects of the Japanese policies themselves, the course will explore methods by which the goals of the government's policies in Africa can be made accessible to Japanese society as a whole.
The course will begin with a short series of introductory lectures on the history of Africa, and the Africa's part in the development of a global trading system along with visits from Japanese nationals who have recently returned from projects in Africa. The course will then focus on the geo-political area of southern Africa. Speakers from the Southern African Development Community (S.A.D.C.) group will offer their views and insights on the impact of TICAD within the region. Course members will then be expected to join a country research group based on the SADC embassies participating in this year's course. Through the visits of these embassies students will examine how the TICAD process has effected the countries economic, political and cultural ties to Japan. Based on these visits, each research group will prepare a presentation on their respective countries focusing on the potentials in the connections between japan and sub-Saharan Africa. These presentations will be formed into a final project to be presented to the participating embassies.

担当者 長谷部 葉子
授業期間2019年秋学期 火曜日4時限
授業レベル 学部
参考文献 参考文献リスト

第01回2019/09/24 【履修者限定公開】Introduction 1
Introduction and Organization (all students planning to 
register must attend this first class in order to understand 
class procedure and work) 

第02回2019/10/01 【履修者限定公開】Introduction 2
A Short History of Africa / form country research groups 

第03回2019/10/08 【非公開】Introduction to DRC: An Introduction to NGO Activities in DRC
We stay at SBC, and experience Congo Day with Madam Cecil 
and Mr.Kalenga.
We share her activities, its culture, dinner. We will 
have a lot of discussions with Mr.Kalenga and Madam Cecil. 
This one class covers two classes.

第04回2019/10/08 【非公開】Speaker prep and project discussion.

第05回2019/10/15 【履修者限定公開】ABE initiative exchange student speakers
International Students from Mozanbique will present their 
research and have group discussions 

第06回2019/11/05 【塾内限定公開】ABE initiative exchange student speakers
International Students from Ghana and Swajiland will present 
their research and have group discussions.

第07回2019/11/12 【塾内限定公開】Guest speakers
Deplomats from the Embassy of DRC or researchers will
 present lectures about their policy in collaboration 
with Japan.

第08回2019/11/26 【塾内限定公開】Guest speakers
Deplomats or researchers from  African countries will 
present lectures about their policy in collaboration 
with Japan

第09回2019/12/03 【塾内限定公開】Research strategy

第10回2019/12/10 【塾内限定公開】Discussions with Guest & Culture exchange night.
- SBC camp schedule
- Guest speaker: Mr. Hideki Matsumoto, 2
- Guest speaker: Mr. Hideki Matsumoto, 1
At SBC. Overnight discussions.(tentative)

第11回2019/12/10 【非公開】Final Presentation

第12回2019/12/17 【履修者限定公開】Final Presentations

第13回2020/01/07 【履修者限定公開】Feedbacks and Discussions

第14回2020/01/14 【塾内限定公開】Summary of the course

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