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  1. Policy Management Studies and Language Policy
  2. Current number of registered foreigners in Japan
  3. Cities where many foreigners live
  4. Japan: A Multilingual Society
  5. Policy Management Studies
  6. Key Concepts in Policy Management Studies
  7. Language Policy
  8. The 2 Sides of Language Policy
  9. Multilingualism and Multiculturalism as a Resource of a Society
  10. Policy COE Language Policy Research Team
  11. Nagano PrefectureAiming for a Society in which Multiple Cultures Coexist
  12. (Nagano Prefecture)Foreign Resident Support Project
  13. (Nagano Prefecture)Daily Life Supporters for Multicultural Coexistence
  14. What Should Language Policies Aim for?
  15. Formation of the Fujisawa Hub
  16. Current Situation in Fujisawa
  17. Shonandai Elementary School
  18. Activities Centered Around Shonandai Elementary School
  19. Specific Activities
  20. Collaboration by Various Actors
  21. Summary
  22. Discussion(1)
  23. Discussion(2)