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  1. Economic Partnership Agreement(EPA) of Japanand Economic Integration in Northeast Asia
  2. Topics
  3. Japan's Trade with Major Trading Partners(2004, $billion)
  4. Trade among Japan, China and Korea(2006, $billion)
  5. Investment among Japan, China and Korea(2005, $billion)
  6. Intra-regional Trade (%)
  7. Japanese Car Industry:Optimal Supply System in Asia
  8. Guideline for EPAs(Ministerial Council's Decision, Dec.21 2004)
  9. Economic Partnership Agreement
  10. Japan-Singapore New-Age Economic Partnership Agreement
  11. Japan-Mexico EPA
  12. Japan's FTA/EPA Achievement so far
  13. Overall Picture
  14. Share in Japan's external trade(2006,%)
  15. From De-facto Business-driven Integrationto De-jure Institutional Integration
  16. East Asian Economic Community
  17. ASEAN+3+3 production network
  18. Issues to be considered
  19. Challenges to Japan
  20. Competition between China and Japan(Dr.Shiyu Kan, Nomura Research Inc.)
  21. Three Mega-Regions
  22. Conclusions :Japan's approach
  23. Thank you for your kind attention!
  24. Q1 from Yonsei(1)
  25. Q1 from Yonsei(2)
  26. Q2 from Fudan