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  1. Lecture 5: Growing Economic Linkages between Japan, China and Asia-Challenges for EU and Japan-
  2. Structure of Presentation
  3. Part 1. What are the Features of Economic Linkages between Japan and China?
  4. China's Trade Balance ($ Billion)
  5. Current Features
  6. Production and Trade Linkages in East Asia
  7. Japan's Export and Imports with China
  8. China's Top Trading Countries/Regions
  9. Japan's Terms of Trade (Export Price/Import Price)
  10. Factors Contributing to the Improved Japan's Terms of Trade with China
  11. Main Points from Part 1
  12. Part 2. How Did the Economic Linkages Grow between Japan and China?
  13. Japan-China Relationship Began with Trade(1)
  14. Japan-China Relationship Began with Trade(2)
  15. Japan-China Relationship Then Deepened Through a Relocation of Production Sites
  16. The Shifting Pattern of Production Sites
  17. Pattern of Japanese Firms'Investment In China
  18. Surplus Received by Japanese Affiliates in China (based on the sample survey)
  19. Major Factors Behind the Shift in Japan's Production Sites to Asia
  20. Worker's Wage Comparison
  21. Appreciation of Japanese Yen per US Dollar
  22. Main Points from Part 2
  23. Part 3. What are the Challenges for the EU and Japan?
  24. Regional Economic Integration: Asia and EU
  25. Growing East Asia's Intra-Regional Trade
  26. Intra-Regional Trade Between Asia and EU
  27. Challenges for EU (1)
  28. Worker's Wage between Asia and EU
  29. Challenges for the EU (2):
  30. China's Domestic Savings and Investment
  31. To reduce China's current account surplus
  32. Challenges for Japan (1)