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  1. Lecture 6: Promoting Tokyo As an International Financial Center
  2. Japan's Potential
  3. Should Tokyo be one of the Top International Financial Center?
  4. Part II. Has Japan Taken Any Comprehensive Reforms to Make the Tokyo Market More Competitive?
  5. Background
  6. Under the Financial Big Bang
  7. Impact of the Financial Big Bang
  8. Part III. Present Performance of Financial and Capital Markets in Japan
  9. 1. Trends of Stock Market
  10. Share of Market Capitalization by Top 3 Stock Exchanges (% of World Total)
  11. Japanese Assets Held of Non-Residents
  12. Japanese Household Financial Asset Composition (%)
  13. Composition of Households' Financial Assets (%)
  14. Number of Foreign Firms Listed in Major Stock Exchanges
  15. 2. Trends of Bond Market
  16. Local Currency-Denominated Bonds($ Billion)
  17. 3. ETFs and Securitized Markets
  18. Outstanding Securitized Securities (US$ Billions)
  19. 4. Capital Flows, Samurai Bonds and Offshore Markets, and FX Markets
  20. Part IV. What is the Government Vision in view of Marking Tokyo More Competitive?
  21. (1) To Turn Tokyo into a Common Asian Plat
  22. (2) To Promote Innovation by Participants
  23. (3) To Improve the Transparency and Predictability of Regulatory Supervision