1. #6: Lost Decade From 1991 to 2001-Prolonged Recession and Deflation-
  2. Economic Situations During the Lost Decade
  3. Economic Policy During the Lost Decade
  4. Sluggish Economic Growth and Deflation
  5. Nikkei Stock Price
  6. Urban Land Price Index (2000=100)
  7. Japanese Yen Per US Dollar
  8. Unemployment Rate (%)
  9. Review of Concept: Fiscal Policy
  10. Review of Concept: Structural Fiscal Balance
  11. Cyclical and Structural Fiscal Balances of General Goverments
  12. Questions and Answers(1)
  13. Central Government Fiscal Balance (Trillion Yen)
  14. Questions and Answers(2)
  15. Central Government Fiscal Balance (Trillion Yen)