1. #8: Challenges Faced For Japan-Through the Changing Pattern of Trade and Investment-
  2. Structure of My Presentation
  3. Part I. Japan Transforming as an Investor Nation
  4. Trade Surplus to Investment-Oriented Country
  5. World Largest Trade Surplus Countries
  6. Japan: Outward Investment by Category
  7. Part II. How and Why did the Transformation Take Place?
  8. Japan: Outward FDI by Country
  9. The Shifting Pattern of Production Sites
  10. Major Factors Behind the Shift in Japan's Production Sites to Asia
  11. Worker's Wage Comparison
  12. Japan: Exchange Rate Movements
  13. Pattern of Japanese Firms' Investment In China
  14. Question and Answer(1)-1
  15. Question and Answer(1)-2
  16. Question and Answer(1)-3
  17. Japan-China Relationship Deepened Through a Relocation of Production Sites
  18. Japan: Outward FDI and Profitability
  19. Conclusions From Part II
  20. Part III. Features of Trade Development
  21. Production and Trade Linkages in Asia
  22. China's Trade Balance with Major Partners
  23. China's Exports and Imports by Partners
  24. Japan: Total Export Share (%)
  25. China: Growing Domestic Market
  26. Conclusions From Part III
  27. Part IV. Features of Outward Investment
  28. Net External Asset Position by Country
  29. Japan: External Asset by Type
  30. Japan: External Liability by Type
  31. Japan: Foreign Securities Investment
  32. Major Investing Places for Asia ($ Millions)
  33. US Holdings of Asian Stocks ($ Millions)
  34. Year 2006
  35. Conclusions From Part IV
  36. Part V. Challenges for Japanin the Globalized World
  37. Challenge 1-3
  38. Contribution of Exports to GDP Growth
  39. Level of Technology
  40. R&D Share (% of Global R&D)
  41. Growing International Financial Centers in Asia