1. #2: Global Environmental Issues: Developing Countries' Perspectives
  2. Outline of Today's Presentation
  3. Definition of Global Environmental Issues: 1989 Japanese White paper on the Environment
  4. Improved Definition of Global Environmental Issues
  5. Tragedy of Commons
  6. Prisoner's Dilemma
  7. Stern Report (October 2006)
  8. Questions and Answers(1)
  9. Questions and Answers(2)
  10. Features of Environmental Responses in Developing Countries
  11. II. Sustainable Development and Developing Countries: win-win solutions
  12. Definition of Sustainable Development
  13. Fig.1-1: Three dimensional model
  14. Features of Sustainable Development
  15. Natural Capitalism
  16. Goods and Services
  17. Natural Capitalism
  18. Herman Daly -- Principles of Sustainable Development
  19. III. Common But Differentiated Responsibilities: Sharing responsibilities
  20. Traditional Environmental Responsibilities
  21. Environmental Kuznets Curve: Explanation
  22. Figure1: Environmental Kuznets Curve for Sulfur Emissions
  23. Environmental Kuznets Curve: Criticisms
  24. Figure1: Environmental Kuznets Curve for Sulfur Emissions
  25. Common But Differentiated Responsibility(CBDR)
  26. IV. Leapfrogging: Innovative approaches to environmental challenges in developing countries
  27. Porter Hypothesis
  28. First Mover Advantage(Companies' point of view)
  29. Late Comers Benefits
  30. Leapfrogging as a new development pathway(No1)
  31. Figure1: Environmental Kuznets Curve for Sulfur Emissions
  32. Questions and Answers(3)
  33. Questions and Answers(4)