1. #13: Conclusion
  2. Outline
  3. Designing Low-Carbon Societies
  4. Chronology of climate politicsafter Bonn and Marrakech
  5. Bali Action Plan (2007)
  6. Bali Action Plan (continued)
  7. Negotiation process under the Bali Action Plan: How it differs from that on the Kyoto Protocol?
  8. Copenhagen Accord(1)
  9. Copenhagen Accord(2)
  10. Copenhagen Accord(1)
  11. Copenhagen Accord(2)
  12. Copenhagen Accord(3)
  13. Mitigation targets/ actionssubmitted by Parties
  14. Copenhagen Accord: How it differs from the Kyoto Protocol?
  15. Concerns over pledging targets and taking mitigation actions
  16. Beyond Copenhagen:Challenge of mitigation actions
  17. Beyond Copenhagen:Major challenges(1)
  18. Beyond Copenhagen:Major challenges(2)
  19. Actions toward low-carbon society: Japan's commitment
  20. Japan's Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  21. Actions toward a transition to low carbon development in China(1)
  22. Actions toward a transition to low carbon development in China(3)
  23. China's low carbon development: challenges
  24. Estimated net greenhouse gas emissions in Indonesia
  25. Indonesia's low carbondevelopment: challenges
  26. A way forward: Actions tobuild trust and confidence
  27. Additional resources (1): Summary of UNFCCC submissions
  28. Additional resources (2): Summary of developing country pledges