1. #13: Extreme Weather and Water-Related Disasters in Asia:What is the scientific adaptation strategy?
  2. Night scene of the earth- What this indicates?
  3. Night scene-What this means ?(1)
  4. Night scene-What this means ?(2)
  5. Concentration of population and assets
  6. Mega citiesPopulation
  7. Mega cities in Asia
  8. Continuing Population Growth in Asia
  9. graphic(1)
  10. graphic(2)
  11. Various Patterns ofExtreme Events andDisaster-Resistant Capacity
  12. Catastrophic disaster risk will increase.
  13. Sustainability Science
  14. Sustainability/Survivability Science(1)
  15. Sustainability/Survivability Science(2)
  16. Today's Talk
  17. A natural hazard (disaster) strikes when people lose their memory of the previous one.
  18. Hazard and Disaster
  19. We know the phenomena
  20. We know mechanisms and frequency.
  21. Natural Disasters in 2003
  22. Natural Disasters in 2004
  23. Natural Disasters in the World
  24. Water-related disasters: major issue
  25. Huge Natural Disasters
  26. Natural disasters strike our region every year !
  27. Typhoon Rusa
  28. Precipitationby Typhoon Rusa
  29. Typhoon RUSA in Korea 2002
  30. Examples of Higher fluctuation
  31. Extreme floods in EuropeAugust 2002(1)
  32. Extreme floods in Europe August 2002(2)
  33. Extreme snow in February 2003(Deviation from the average over 1988-2002)
  34. Heat wave in Europe in Summer 2003
  35. Annual Precipitation of Japan
  36. Examples of Higher fluctuation
  37. Precipitation in July 1993/1994
  38. Tokai Rainstorm
  39. September 2000 Tokai Rainstorm
  40. Niigata-Fukushima Flood, July 2004
  41. Asuwa River bank rip point
  42. Photo by Asahi Shinbun
  43. Typhoons directly hit Japan in 2004
  44. The stage recorded higher than warning level in 2004.
  45. Asia: Prone to water-related disasters
  46. What Characterizes Hydrology and Water Issues in Monsoon Asia, Especially in Humid Asia?
  47. Asian Monsoon Climate- includes various climatic regions-
  48. Water Issues to be Considered in Monsoon Asia(1)
  49. Water Issues to be Considered in Monsoon Asia(2)
  50. Landslide Events
  51. Landslide Susceptibility Mapping
  52. Sediment yield and runoff
  53. Adaptation to Extreme Weather
  54. Recent change on Climate
  55. Impacts of GW on water-related disasters
  56. Construction of flood diversion channels
  57. Construction of flood retarding basins
  58. Decrease in the number of persons killed by storms and floods
  59. Example of urban flood damage
  60. Multi-purpose flood retarding pond / underground storage
  61. Super Dykes at Osaka City in the Yodo River Basin
  62. A non-structural measure "flood hazard map"
  63. Flood management issues in urban areas
  64. Promotion of production/use of hazard maps
  65. Importance of adaptive and integrated approach to global issues
  66. Disaster management cycle
  67. Lessons learned from recent water-related disasters
  68. Vulnerable people are always hit by disasters.
  69. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
  70. Q1 from Kyoto Univ.
  71. Q2 from SFC
  72. Q3 from Kyoto Univ.
  73. Q4 from Kyoto Univ.