1. #5: Development Planning and Problematic Results:Water Resources
  2. Environmental Effect of Dams(1)
  3. Environmental Effect of Dams(2)
  4. Environmental Effect of Dams(3)
  5. Environmental Effect of Dams(4)
  6. Environmental Effect of Dams(5)
  7. DAMS and WATERSHEDS are a CROSS-BORDER ISSUE Text example 1: Colorado River U.S.- Mexico
  8. Decrease of 65% in Water Flow after Dam
  9. Text example 3: Mississippi Delta(North America)Dams Contributed to Damage of Hurricane
  10. Aftermath of Dam Building(Asia)
  11. Existing and Planned Dams in Mainland S.E. Asia
  12. Planned Dam Construction in Mainland S.E. Asia
  13. Human and Environmental Effects of Dams
  14. Existing and Planned Dams in Mainland S.E. Asia
  15. Consequences of DamsXe Kaman Hydroelectric Power site
  16. Environmental Effect of Dams(6)
  17. Japan: Minamata Disease
  18. Environmental Effect of Dams(7)
  19. Environmental Effect of Dams(8)
  20. Aral Sea(Central Asia) drying up, and impacts on Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan livelihoods
  21. Aral Sea, Central Asia after drying up due to dam and chemical inputs that destroyed biodiversity
  22. Example 2: Sugar Cane Plantation(Monoculture).Southern China. Runoff from chemicals pollutes the irrigation pond.
  23. Environmental Effect of Dams(9)
  24. Environmental Effect of Dams(10)
  25. RESULTS 1: Extreme Livelihood Deprivation, China
  26. Environmental Effect of Dams(11)
  27. High Aswan Dam, EGYPT~Severe Coastal Erosion Text example 2: Nile River, Egypt
  28. Questions and Answers(1)
  29. Questions and Answers(2)
  30. 2010 DROUGHT/2011 FLOODS