1. #12: Living in a Climate and Energy Constrained World
  2. Global climate negotiations in December...
  3. But the concern...
  4. The level of global temperature increase above...
  5. Existing pledges made by nations to date...
  6. RCP 8.5
  7. There would be a clear risk of triggering very large
  8. Prof. John Schellnhuber put it this way
  9. We know how much carbon we can burn between now and 2050
  10. Figure
  11. Here is the catch...
  12. Here is what we must do...
  13. According to author Naomi Klein(1)
  14. According to author Naomi Klein(2)
  15. But instead we are like this..
  16. According to George Marshall(1)
  17. According to George Marshall(2)
  18. So this is probably you right now. Could this be true?
  19. I often feel the same way.
  20. "ware tada taru wo shiru"
  21. This inspired an article...
  22. Japan faced...
  23. That's very similar to Tim Jackson's idea
  24. Jackson's Answers
  25. Is there an escape from our increasingly materialistic world?
  26. Recognizing that not all of the world is equally materialistic...
  27. Is there an escape from our increasingly materialistic world?
  28. Two divergent viewpoints(1)
  29. Two divergent viewpoints(2)
  30. Two divergent viewpoints(3)
  31. In 2008 the global average energy use was 15 terrawatts
  32. Energy power by source in 2008
  33. So a stark choice...
  34. Saul Griffith's Proposed 2033 Global Energy Mix
  35. How to do this according to Saul's power down plan?
  36. How to do this according to the power up plan?
  37. Let's vote!On the topic of climate change
  38. One way we could act now...
  39. So here is what we do
  40. Prof. David MacKay
  41. How much energy do we use?(1)
  42. How much energy do we use?(2)
  43. How much energy do we use?(3)
  44. 70 to 80 - cyclists, servants, slaves!!
  46. In the Medieval period
  47. In Japan
  48. That is equivalent to 125 light bulbs(40W)burning constantly.
  49. Some questions to ponder...
  50. Why not go 100% renewable now?
  51. But what if we don't really have a choice?
  52. Rob Newman
  53. The Walnut Whip
  54. That's not funny!!
  55. Why hasn't oil production peaked yet?
  56. It is important to understand that there are two types of oil
  57. Keyword = Energy Return on Investment
  58. Minimum EROI
  59. The EROI from tar sands...
  60. Like Mordor perhaps...
  61. No, sorry I mean Canada...
  62. January 2014 report from the Royal Society...
  63. Expensive fossil fuels still available
  64. Let's vote!
  65. Four key scenarios
  66. Revolutionary/Systemic Change
  67. What do we know?
  68. This is where Saul Griffith steps...
  69. Saul Griffith's Individual Energy Use(2007)
  70. 2000 watts becomes our global target
  71. Power consumption per person(2012)
  72. 2000 watts lifestyle...
  73. The same energy use as Mexico today!
  74. How realistic is this?
  75. What did they find?
  76. Conclusion(1)
  77. Thanks for your kind attention.
  78. Q1 from Kyoto Univ.
  79. Q2 from Kyoto Univ.
  80. Q3 from SFC
  81. Q4 from SFC
  82. Conclusion(2)