Application Guideline for Taking e-Courses
(Fall Semester of Academic Year 2019)

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e-Courses Offered

    MANAGEMENT OF EMERGING BUSINESSES ( Jiro Kokuryo, Masaki Umejima ) 2 credits
    Jiro Kokuryo

    Masaki Umejima

    With an aim at educating international technology entrepreneurs, and an intention to invite overseas guests,this course's official language is English. This class will provide you with business plan writing skills, guest lecture by international business leaders, business case discussions, and exercises to make a new business plan. In this class, some lectures are shared with SOI Asia[], connecting 29 universities in Asia.

    * This course is conducted in English.


    ( Mari Yoshitaka, Naoki Matsuo, Hitoshi Yoshizaki )
    2 credits
    Mari Yoshitaka
    Naoki Matsuo
    The course summary for 2018 (The course summary for 2019 will be available in September.)

    The world will achieve SDGs (sustainable targets) in 2030, aiming for a decarbonized society under the Paris agreement. In order to achieve these, it is necessary for the society as a whole to improve the environmental, economic, and social aspects in an integrated manner, and in particular the strengthening of the role played by the business is required while ESG investment is getting popular. Learn what is a business in a low-carbon society and a sustainable society and how to develop a practical green business.

    * This course is conducted in English.

    FAMILY BUSINESS MANAGEMENT ( Yoshinori Isagai ) 2 credits
    Yoshinori Isagai This class aims to search a concrete method for the family businesses to solve the conflict between tradition and innovation and achieve their contribution to the region.
    Nowadays in the US and Europe, there has been a growing interest in the family business. In spite of several problems, it becomes clear that the family business has higher profitability and capital efficiency, and invites more innovation than other businesses. They are based on the region and conduct the management in the long-term perspective. On the other hand, although Japan is a treasury of family businesses, hardly any study and education about family business has been done and the outcome is expected around the world.
    From 2009, Keio University has made an effort to create leading base for family business study and created original case materials. In this class, we will use these case materials to study family business governance, management philosophy, strategy and organization, innovation, long-life structure and the contribution to the region, and discuss how to realize the coexistence of private interest and social welfare. We will invite family business managers to deepen our knowledge about the management on site.
    The essay about family business management will be expected as a final assignment.

    * This course is conducted in Japanese

    ( Takahiro Kunieda, Shuichi Kurabayashi, Hasumi Nishikawa, Ikumi Waragai )
    2 credits
    Takahiro Kunieda

    Shuichi Kurabayashi

    Hasumi Nishikawa

    Ikumi Waragai

    The course summary is Japanese only. Please refer to Japanese Page.

    * This course is conducted in Japanese

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