2018 Fall Semester


Environment Risk Science[EN][*]
Family Business Management[*][*]
Mathematical Literacy for Problem Finding and Solving
Multinational Management[EN][*]


Geography of Planning Practice[EN][*]
[Enrolled]Regional Strategy Studies(East Asia)[EN]
Design Studies
Policy Management Studies[EN]
Student Build Campus (SBC) Practice[*]
Future Publishing
Asia Workshop[EN]
Design Studio (Architecture and Urbanism)[*]
An Introduction to African Reality[EN]
[Enrolled]Corporate Challenges in the 21st Century
Designing Environmental Business[**]


Language and Humanity
[Enrolled]Global Governance Studies[EN]
Management of Emerging Businesses[*][EN]
[Keio]Technology Project (Ledit Project)
[Enrolled]Information Security D


Theory of Environment Sensing Technology[*]
Korean Social Studies
Environment and Information Studies[EN]
International Relations[EN]
Internet Security Architecture[EN]
Ergonomic Design and Technology[EN][*]
Mechanical and Materials Engineering[EN]
Beyond Blockchain


Mathematical Models[EN]
Indonesian Cultural Studies[*]


[EN] - English
[*] - e-Course & GC
[**] - e-Course Students only
[*] - Selected Lectures
[Keio] - For Keio Students only
[Enrolled] - For Enrolled Students only


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