社会安全政策(防災) (大木 聖子

    2015年度秋学期 水曜日2時限
    科目コード: C1012 / 2単位
    カテゴリ: 9.先端科目-総合政策系(学部)

1. 主題と目標/授業の手法など

    *Course Objectives*
    This course provides an introduction to learn how to prevent or mitigate natural disasters, especially those related to a large earthquake.
    You will briefly learn the mechanism of hazards (earthquakes and tsunamis), and the disasters caused by those natural phenomena.
    You will also see the limitations of disaster sciences or hardware preparedness such as sea walls, and so the importance of education and communication.
    The goal of this course is to let you encourage your loved ones to prepare for earthquakes. We also explore a possibility to apply it to SFC international students.
    By the end of this course, you will properly present and explain what to do for disaster prevention, and let the fear and anxiety go away. You will also be able to give an advice to your friends on how to live and behave in earthquake prone country.

    *Study Methods*
    1) Do not look for a model answer, because there is no model answer for each disaster situation.
    2) Work together. Respect the opinions of others. Keep discussing and build a consensus, because that is what is needed aftermath of a disaster.

2. 教材・参考文献

    "Listen to the Voice of the Earth -Learn about earthquakes to save lives", Satoko Oki, JAPAN LIBRARY, 2015

3. 授業計画

    第1回 Introduction
    Overview of this course / Icebreaker

    第2回 Worldwide Disaster Trend

    第3回 History of Japanese Disaster Social-security Policy

    第4回 Introduction to Seismology

    第5回 What Happens in Disaster

    第6回 Security Policy of SFC

    第7回 Disaster Simulation

    第8回 The Limitation of the Earthquake Science - for the case of 3.11 -

    第9回 Educational Approach for Disaster Prevention

    第10回 Groupwork

    第11回 Groupwork

    第12回 Presentation

    第13回 Groupwork

    第14回 Presentation

4. 提出課題・試験・成績評価の方法など

    attendance,, group work attitudes and presentation, final report.

5. 履修上の注意・その他

    Besides the aim of this lecture course written so far, I would like to measure the effectiveness of disaster lecture for foreigners in Japan. So this course provides you 15 to 20 mins at the end of each class to write up what you learned and what you felt that day. These comments are analyzed for the sake of better helping foreigners in disasters. Your privacy is 100% protected and the comments are not used for other purposes.

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7. 履修条件


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9. 授業URL

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