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Course Summary (Syllabus)

POLICY MANAGEMENT STUDIES (Takeshi Kawazoe,Takashi Iba,Masahiro Kotosaka

    Semester : 2016 Fall
    Code : B1001 / 1 Credits

1. Objectives/Teaching method

    An introductory course for "Policy Management", which is a core concept of SFC. SFC aims at integrating various perspectives to identify issues and employ interdisciplinary approaches in understanding and providing solutions for them. It also embraces scholars’ active involvement in solving issues, rather than staying at a distance as objective watchers.

    In this course, we will be organizing some activities for all students, so that you will be able to experience issue identification, analysis, solution design, and consensus building.

2. Materials/Reading List



    #1 【塾内限定公開】History of Keio & Learning Patterns (intro)
    (1) Short history of Keio and SFC. (Kawazoe)
    (2) An introduction on the knowledge creation skills. (Iba)

    #2 【塾内限定公開】Learning Patterns
    Exercise on the knowledge creation skills and overview yours.

    #3 【塾内限定公開】Caucus #1
    Open your policy and recruit members supporting your policy. We will have six people presenting.

    #4 【塾内限定公開】Introduction to Kenkyu-kai
    Senior students:
    Kenkyu-kai will be a central forum where each student pursue
    their own agenda. Will be introducing many Kenkyu-kai that are
    exploring frontiers of knowledge and action.

    Wada Lab - Having some math and economics background will be great
    Iba Lab- English Only Kenkyukai
    Kotosaka Lab- English Only Kenkyukai
    Kokuryo Lab.
    Freedman Lab - English Only Kenkyukai
    Takashio-Social robots. (RG)
    Rod- Quantum computing. (RG)

    Other Kenkyukai are mixed with Japanese and English.

    #5 【塾内限定公開】Caucus #2
    Group work to prepare for caucus election.

    Short presentation from each group

    #6 【塾内限定公開】Caucus #3
    Group work to prepare for caucus election.

    #7 【塾内限定公開】Caucus Final Presentation
    Caucus election! Deliberations of policies and voting. All
    group will have presentation for the whole class.

    9:30-9:41 Presentation +Q&A of group 6 (Japanese consumerism in the aging population)
    9:42-9:53 Presentation +Q&A of group 3 (Sustainable Fish Farming)
    9:54-10:05 Presentation +Q&A of group 5 (English Language Education in Japan)
    10:06-10:17 Presentation +Q&A of group 1 (Hydrogen Future of Japan)
    10:18-10:29 Presentation +Q&A of group 2 (Scholarship)
    10:30-10:41 Presentation +Q&A of group 4 (Diversity & Inclusion)
    Voting Time

4. Assignments/Examination/Grad Eval.

    Points for attendance.
    Please note that those who come to the classroom after 9:25 will be counted as "late", and those who come after 9:40 will be counted as "absent".
    Additional points are given for active participation in class discussion.

5. Special Note


6. Prerequisit / Related courses


7. Conditions to take this course


8. Relation with past courses


9. Course URL

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